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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Never fight a land war in Asia...

If he prepares to defend the back, the front will be weak.
If he prepares to defend the left, the right will be weak.
If he prepares to defend the right, the left will be weak.
If he prepares to defend everywhere, everywhere will be weak..

                                                                                                         -Sun Tzu - The Art of War

Have you ever heard the saying..."Your writing a check your body can't cash?"

I think all of us at one time or another have done things and said things that all come back to bite us in the end.  However some of us never learn from those mistakes.

Take the President for example;

These past weeks have been a terrible for him. 

I'm really not feeling bad for him at all though.  His socialist bully like behaviors have earned him this trouble!

So unless you have lived under a rock the President is facing down some very big scandals;

2.  The IRS is caught with their hand in the proverbial cookie jar with using their power to harass conservative groups.  The President used the IRS to threaten and bully anyone who stands up for Liberty and Freedom.

3.  The DHS / CIA  and every other three lettered acronym department that supposedly protects our nation is caught up in the problem of the Saudi National who quite possibly related to the Boston bombing and was certified as a really bad guy was quick ushered out the country faster than you can say boo.

4.  We are now being drug into a "War by proxy" against the Russians in Syria.  Russia is selling Syria Arms and we are going to Sell the Rebels weapons... they will fight it out and thus we will fight each other.

To you and I ... number 7 should bring the most concern.

I want to say again that this short list continues to prove that they, the Government is a big, amorphous blob of absolute in-efficiency and stupidity that is capable of thoughtless tyranny and will stop at nothing to absorb power. 

However, I have to equate it to the quote from the great war strategist above Sun Tzu... the President and Government are having to defend themselves on multiple fronts... this leaves them weak and un-prepared for the next attack.

But what are they un-prepared against?

The very serious coming Economic Problems. 

If you have been watching the World for the past 6 months and have seen what has happened in Greece and Cyprus you should understand that the money problems that they are having are going to happen to us us... but on a magnitude never seen before in human history.

Let's break this down.

We are seeing many, many horror stories coming from Greece about how their citizens are starving because all they have is rations of Pasta and Ketchup. 

What breaks my heart the most about what I am hearing is that kids are suffering.    Poor defenceless kids, all because their parents trusted their Government would provide for them in their time of needs.  Guess what? They didn't!  Grecian children are starving and begging their classmates for food!

Cyprians lost 60% of their wealth in their accountsSpain has record unemployment for their younger population, and now has slipped back into recession because they have spent their way into oblivion.

So as we reach the debt limit on Sunday of 16.8 trillion dollars (16,800,000,000,000) and growing the Treasury department said they are going to have to take "extra ordinary measures" to ensure that we can continue to pay our obligations. 

So what could that potentially look like?  My best estimate is that the cuts will have to come from the entitlement programs like Social Security, SSI and Food Stamps.  You see because the FED is who we owe a majority of our money too will be paid... the FED doesn't care if you starve... the FED doesn't care if you have a place to live... the FED doesn't care if you have a job.

The Government of the United States has used it's credit card to the max, and now... we are going to have to see the Treasury make moves and cut spending.  Remember what I said in my post "The House of Cards of Cards is Starting to Fall"?  I told you that when the money for Social Security and SSI starts to cease it will be bad... people are going to be pissed and they are not going to react well. Hungry people are dangerious and violent. This has been proved time and time again.  Just look at these menial interruptions we have seen in the past to get an example of what it will look like;

 When Hurricane Sandy hit the New England area, people stole and tried to hurt one another for food; The residents of Queens New York had to arm them selves with Baseball bats, bow sand arrows and guns just to protect them from looters.

Then when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans people fought with Police and rioted to get the supplies they wanted... .

This is historical... every time we see a disaster take place... Government collapse, monetary collapse or war that breaks a country down, the more feral people become to get what they need.

We want our most basic human needs meet... we don't want our kids to starve, cry and know that there is nothing we can do about it! It happened in Leningrad, it happened in the Balkans.

The threat is very real.

All this data we have examined today circles back around and points to one thing in particular the Government is fighting wars on all sorts of fronts.  They are fighting an information war, a physical war and very, very soon an serious economic war.  

I assure you,  "The Event" will come.

I believe that it will be the economic component that will set it all off.  It will be the total collapse of the paper currency system.  
I'm telling you the "precursors" are here... have you seen them?  Have you felt the pain in your pocket book as the price of beef increases and the items you consume every day go up in price?  Have you felt the pain at the Gas pump? 

Have you  felt the pain of having to say no to buying things you need every day? 

Wait ... maybe you haven't yet... maybe you haven't decided that what I have been saying is truth!  Maybe you still want that to make sure your family has that big vacation home, maybe your still spending money like it is going out of style.. that new designer handbag, those $300 shoes, that new 56 inch flat screen, HD 3D TV with the motion activated whatever... 
Believe it or not... people are still thinking that way... 

You couldn't possibly have a pulse and not understand that what we are seeing happening to our nation is very, very bad.  

It is finally time for you to fully accept what we are beginning to seeThis is not the America you grew up in, this is not the America that we envisioned for our kids.  This is not the America our founders wanted you and I to inherit!

It is time for a change...! It is time for you to make a change!   I know this idea of holding our elected peoples feet to the fire seems impossible, but I assure you it isn't. Remember, they work for you! You are their boss, and should you not get the results you want, you fire them!

Recall them! Run against them and speak the truth!  Start a grass roots effort!

But here is my main concern... we may not get that option... we not get the ability to hold them accountable the way we would want to ... time may be up soon... without money... the economy doesn't flow and doesn't provide the food your kids need, the money you need to pay your power bill, and doesn't offer you a job that you can use to pay your mortgage...

You have to prepare.  You have to begin taking responsibility to make sure that your family is looked after when "The Event" takes place.  You have to make sure your kids have food to eat, a warm place to sleep, and clothes that will protect their little bodies.

What is coming is bigger than you or I... its time to stop thinking about yourself...

Until next time.