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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lock and Load And Get Ready!

"God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion. The people cannot be all, and always, well informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented, in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions, it is lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty . . . And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of resistance? 

Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to the facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. 

It is its natural manure."

Thomas Jefferson

Wow… The American People are unhappy…Just look below.

I've been saying for a while that there is "something" in the air and the American People are getting to a point at which they will not take any more of the "crap" that coming there way. 

Check this latest Gallup poll.  As you can see from the numbers, it is the lowest rating ever!

What we are seeing is now is the fact that people are beginning to speak up about how disconnected the Congress, the Senate and even the current President has become from the American republic.

When will those in leadership realize that if this continues to trend like this, the quote above from Thomas Jefferson could become a real reality???

As I have told you before... The DHS is preparing for it. As should you!

Today were going to continue our preparedness series by talking about probably one of the more controversial topics of our "Beans, Bullets and Band-aid" series....

Today we talk about guns...!  

I will lay the following disclaimer.  If you're not open minded to the possibility of owning a gun.  

Stop reading now.  

I'm not going to get in a debate with you about wether guns are good or bad and why you should or should not own them.  This blog is to help people prepare for what is coming to America.  Not to create a debate with tree hugging, PETA joining, agenda 21, nato loving hippies. 

I will not to debate with you the ethical issues of why guns are good or bad.  

Ok... now on to the rest of the post. 

Guns are probably one of the most contested points of the preparedness society and among all the research I have done so far.

There are really two thoughts about guns and preparedness.  The first one is;

"You can never have too many guns."

Take a look at this picture.  Do you know someone like this?  Are you this person?

Everybody knows someone who they would consider a "gun nut".

He is that guy that you are all secretly afraid of because he speaks his mind, has a gun in every room of his house and carries two on him at all times... even when he sleeps, but you know that when "The Event" happens you will be the first on on his door step asking for help.

These are the people that the ATF, the CIA, FBI and every other three letter acronym based organization that is paid for with fiat money watch constantly.

Are they right to own this many guns?  What makes their philosophy correct? If not, what makes it wrong?

I don't want to condemn or judge them.  Remember, the constitution gives them the right to bear arms and protect themselves and loved ones, it says nothing about how many they are allowed to have or when they are or are not allowed to carry them.

Our Government has tried on multiple occasions to limit what we can buy in the name of protecting us from ourselves.  That is not their job.  The Governments job is to protect liberty and freedom, and not to tell me I can't own a fully automatic rifle with a 50 round clip.

That is my business not theirs, what I do with my money and my guns is my business.

Here is the second school of thought;

"I'll just keep a .22 around and that will be enough for us."

These people are the minimalist who hopes they never have to kill anything and truly believe that things will never go wrong.

They have quite possibly never fired a gun, let alone got it out and become familiar with how it works and loads.

But is their philosophy correct?  If so, what makes is wrong? You have to decide for yourself.

Now I have laid out the two opposing views lets break it down on what it should probably look like.

Guns have two functions.  To protect and to provide.

They are designed to be used to hunt, and kill other humans. Do I believe in owning guns?

Absolutely, I carry one everyday and I fully believe in the 2nd Amendment right to carry, own and use a gun.

Remember what I have said before... "From my cold dead hand!" Charlton Heston said it, and I stand by it!

"Jay...what is the right amount of guns to own... and what type?" 

I don't have the exact answer for that. But I will offer my own opinions on it, and you can use your own best judgement and your own free "Liberty" to decide.

Well... to start, you have to divide owning a gun into two different categories, Home / Personal Defense and Hunting.

Lets start with the most controversial topic; Home / Personal Defense.

Notice that I bolded the word Defense.  At no time will I endorse using your fire arm to ever purposefully hurt someone for a purpose. Gun violence must never, never be a first resort to solve problems.  

Words should always be a first resort unless someone is working to harm you or the ones you love. 

Moving on...

I personally carry a 9mm every day.

I like mine, it is a solid gun and it conceals well.

Some folks would carry a .45 or even a small .22 for their personal defense.  The 9mm shoots straight and will stop just about anybody who is going to attempt to hurt you and will protect those you love.

Get a concealed weapons permit if your state allows it.

Heck, open carry if you feel brave enough.  Just a warning though, it will make people extremely nervous, but again it is your constitutional right.

If you want to get a permit, you can do your research here.

But when it comes to owning a pistol you have to ask yourself, "Why would I carry a gun? Would I use it? If yes, can I accept the consequences of potentially taking a life?"

Those are some pretty tough questions.

I would say that my opinion on those questions are pretty straight forward.

"Why would I carry a gun?"  - To protect myself and those I love against those who don't live within the rule of law. Think about Aurora, Colorado not a gun in the place. If there had been, would more people be alive today? Probably!

"Would I use it?" - Absolutely.  See above.

"Can I accept the consequences of taking a life?" - Yes... It will be tough.  They are one of God's children too, but if I am protecting myself and not working to murder someone I can accept that.

So now that those questions are answered.  I have another one for you?  Would you carry a bigger gun, say an AR-15 or AK-47?

Why or why not?

I want you to reference back to my post, "Without the Rule of Law".  Remember why that person broke my window?  Let's go a bit deeper with this idea hypothetically;

What do you think would happen if tomorrow if the grocery stores were empty, the fuel was gone and you were the only person left in your neighborhood who had fuel and food?  People would do more than just break your window!

Have you even on a summer evening smelled cooking meat on a BBQ?  Did your stomach rumble?

Now imagine your kids haven't eaten in a week and you knew that someone had food, what would you do?

Would you kill to feed them?  Would you maime someone to provide a meal?  Guess what, so would they.

Would you be a target for roaming gangs of people looking to raid?  Yes... you would!  But they might be a bit more deterred if they saw you with above mentioned guns your hand.

Yes... they are intimidating and can hold 30 rounds compared to your 8 - 10 round hand gun.

That is why a "Home Defense" style rifle is a must.

You're not going to use it to go to war or commit some type of crime.  You are going to use if for defense from those who would not even blink.  People will resort to anything to get their food. 

Check out the picture on the right, why am I showing zombies?

Think of the last time you went without food.

What did you feel like?  Were you tired, angry sometimes and "zoned out" possibly?

Now imagine thousands of people who are like that... only they haven't eaten in weeks.   There you go... you now have hords of zombies.

Remember my post containing the story of Leningrad?  Remember the nasty "meat jelly" that I talked about...?  How about the small children disappearing when the neighbors were hungary, or the body parts that disappeared from the hospital morgues?  Forgotten about that?  Still to old of an example for you?

Here is more recent historial video ... how about Haiti?  They experienced their own version of "The Event" and look what people resorted to do to get food.  They are still suffering today.

That is why a you need to make sure that you can defend yourself from the masses.

Geez... you think so loud... I can hear you now... "Jay... your just paranoid!"

No... I'm not... I'm practical.

I don't live in fear.  I live in practicality. I don't want my family to have to fight for their food. I don't want my kids to have to starve and have distended bellies.  I don't want to look in their little eyes an tell them I didn't prepare ahead! I had a more important thing than them!

I am awake and I live with the knowledge that "The Event" is real, and that it is coming soon to America. I love my family, and my country.  But I don't trust those would not even blink to kill my family to get what they need. If you think I'm wrong, read this.

Just cowboy / cowgirl up and get a "home defense" rifle and 1000 rounds of ammo.  Simple enough.

Let's move on to hunting rifles.  Anything bigger than a .270 will do the trick.  Get to the range and shoot it too.  Get 1000 rounds for it.

A shotgun is also a must as well.  It's mighty hard to hit a duck with a single shot from a rifle and still have some of the Duck / Goose / Pheasant / Chucker left to eat when the bullet passes through.   Get one and 500 rounds for it.

Shotguns are also a great home defense weapon too.  I can tell you from experience that nothing scare the pants out of people like the sound of a racking shotgun or the charging of an assault rifle.

People know what sound follows that of a loading gun, and they would probably prefer not to be on the receiving end of that sound.

Your family is truly the most important thing to you on this earth.  When nothing else is left, all you have is them.  Don't forget that.  Even when you don't agree with them, you still love them.  Protect them at all costs.  It is your right!

Don't be a victim, don't be stupid either.  Use guns safely and they will do exactly what they were designed for;

To protect and provide.

Be ready... The Event continues it's approach!

Until next time....

Friday, August 24, 2012

Winter is coming....

The time will come when winter will ask you what you were doing all summer. 

- Henry Clay

I love the story of the Little Red Hen.  

It is an amazing metaphor for what we truly should be looking for in our current society. 

It is what, "We The People" are missing on the most basic level. 

If you don't remember the story, here is a quick recap for you; 

In the tale, The Little Red Hen finds a grain of wheat, and asks for help from the other farm animals to plant it. However, no animal will help her.

At each stage of the wheat processing; the harvest, the threshing, the milling the wheat into flour, and finally  baking the flour into bread the hen again asks for help from the other animals, but again she gets no help for her efforts. 

Finally, the hen has finished the process, and asks who will help her eat the bread. All the lazy animals all ask for bread.  Depending on what version of the story you read and what country it has originated from you either see the Hen say that because no one helped her no one but she and her chicks get to eat the bread.  

The other version I read was that since winter had come, and they were hungry, they came and begged the Little Red Hen for bread and she turns them down and they starve to death. The Hen was planning, getting ready and thinking of her chicks first.  

By involving the other farm animals in the process... she was helping them to prepare for their "event".. but they made an awful choice. 

Both endings are a bummer but it re-enforces what we as Americans need to re-learn; 

"If a man will not work, he will not eat. "

How far we have fallen! 

How come we have forgotten that most basic principal? 

How come we have gotten away from the fact that nothing in life is free, we have to work hard!

We messed up big time and have forgotten that God told us we would have to work hard to eat!

We as a nation have turned our eyes from what is important and now rely on the Government to provide for us ... and not to rely on the sweat of our brow and the intelligence in our brains to fill our bellies. 

I ran across this TV commercial the other day and I found it rather appropriate for this particular post.  

At first it looks like a very cute couple approach to a young man who absolutely has no ambition in life.  

What is really is, is an attempt to hawk some very over priced chicken nuggets.   Yes... Yes I know that someone added a bunch of sound effects to it, and quality is bad,  but it is the premise of the commercial that is important.

If you really step back and look at it, you should find it a really discouraging profile of what is taking place in America.   The Parents are actually ok with this lifestyle... this laziness...this slothfulness.  
Yes... I realize that it is done tongue-in-cheek, but really... it does happen that way in America. 

We see it every day.   

Here is an interesting article... Do you see? We as Americans are causing this problem with our kids!  

Now think about this? How many times have you heard of a kid breaking their cell phones?  How many times have you heard kids say..."Well ... I'll just have my parents buy me a new one!"?

Ridiculous huh? 

Let me asking you another question, growing up,  what toy did you treat with the most respect?  

Was it the one that you bought with your own money?  

Or was the one your parents bought you? 

You see we are now seeing a growing epidemic of young people who grow up expecting everything handed to them on a silver platter.  Their food, their clothes, their cell phone.  They work for nothing!

Here is another example, their educations.  As you can see from the cartoon on the right, in the past when you brought home bad grades, well that was your own fault. 

Now it is the fault of the teachers because we feel the need to "protect" our children from anyone who would tell them that they aren't good enough.  The expectation is that we are all special and we should get things handed to us!  

We have been conditioned to it! Our Government does it everyday.  Welfare, TANIF, MEDICAID, HUD... all of it... handouts.  You don't even have make an attempt to work to get these things... walk in... sign on the dotted line and boom goes the dynamite... your dependent on them for everything!

We as a society are no longer teaching our children to own up to their lives and mistakes.

That is crap.

The issue we are seeing is that when we do what we see in the cartoon above it isn't doing anyone any good.   

Because we now expect everything handed to us, your kids grow up to expect that someone will always be there to "nanny" them and give them what they want.   Our kids think that it is ok to live a "jersey shore" life style all while the Government picks up the tab!

We are failing in teaching each other as well as our kids what is important!

Remember, we want to "Teach them to Fish"... not just give the fish and starve tomorrow.

America, we have to start changing what we are doing!

We cannot keep going like this!

Here is another insightful article..."More than 100 Million People on Welfare.."

More than 100 Million People... that is just staggering.

There are are only 311,591,917 people in the United States.  

Even at its most conservative, the percentage almost works out to be 32% of the American population!  And that number may even be lower 
due to lack of data!

To get back to the title of this entry... Winter is coming... and much like the Little Red Hen some of us are preparing for what is coming. 

But many, many of us have not done anything. When "The Event" arrives, those families will suffer!  They can change!  There is time!

You have to be ready for what is coming.  

We are going to see some big events very soon.  

We potentially see the dollar killing QE3 from the Fed, the break up of the Euro by September, a very large potential of a great and terrible war in the middle east, food prices that are going to go through the roof because of the drought ... and a very, very polarizing election that will usher in another very interesting political period in our country!

Parents... don't let your children be lazy!  Teach them!  Work with them!  Stop paying for everything! You're not doing your kids any favors!

Teach them that through their hard work, they will eat and find satisfaction in the simple things in life!  Teach them to be thankful for their lot in life!

The Event is coming!  Be ready!  Don't let Winter be your downfall!


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Time is ticking away...quickly

“Today, the rich are the haves and the poor are the have-nots. Tomorrow, the rich will be the have-food and the poor will be the have-not food.”

- Bill Gaede


Wars are fought over it and lives were ruined because of it.

It causes fevers, allergic reactions, madness and it is in almost every electronic on the planet, and today the Chinese are making a bid to buy 6000 metric tons of it. 

This is huge.  They want to buy more gold than the actual annual global production of gold.  Why would they do this? 

It is a sign that the major governments of Asia, and the B.R.I.C (Brazil, Russia, India and China) Nations are getting ready to try and make the attempt to make the Chinese Yuan as the reserve currency of the world.  Sure the B.R.I.C nations all use their own currency to trade between themselves right now, but when the rubber meets the road, I'm sure the Chinese will be quite convincing to get everyone to move to their currency.

What does this have to do with us?

Well.. it is pointing the way that the world is loosing their faith in the almighty US dollar. 

It's not just the Chinese that are positioning themselves for "The Event". Two of the worlds most wealthy men, George Soros and Jacob Rothschild are also hedging their bets on physical gold too.  These men who have made their money on the backs of us all are seeing the signs that "The Event" is very, very close.  They know that gold and silver is a proven time tested currency that always holds up against economic downturn.

They are dumping their stocks and getting into gold.

Now... is gold the answer to the coming problem?

No... absolutely not...!  Greed is a major part of this coming crisis.  Greed helped to create "The Event".

So.. let me ask you a question?  Have you heard any of this in the "mainstream" media?

No... no you haven't!

Why would two of the richest men in the world want you to know that they are getting out of the stock market and putting their monies in to gold?  Remember what I told you in "Pay No Attention to the Man behind the Curtain?  We are so focused on fighting each other that we are missing out on what is really going on!  The very rich and powerful are making moves that will protect them and their families all while we are fighting about chicken sandwiches and gay marriage.

To those of you who read this blog, please, please begin to talk to your friends and families.  We are running out of time! 

Yes I do feel like a broken record sometimes but I can't stop now... lives are in the balance.  The leaders of this country and those who control the money have all received word that they cannot count on each other for help. Just look at this headline; The Government Tells Banks to Prepare for Collapse.  Read the source and decide for yourself that our own Government is planning for the worst.

Yes... our own Government has been telling the banks to prepare for it!  They have been telling the banks, and not you and I!

They have seen the writing on the wall and know that very soon that because the IOU's that the Fed / We owe will absolutely cripple us soon.  It is widely know that many, many Wall Street insiders are getting ready for something big.

This is why you need to begin to refocus your family on getting prepared.  I want you once again about what you do in your daily life if things began to go wrong?

What will you do the day your debit card no longer works?

What will you do when you cannot buy any more groceries for your kids?

What will you do when the power goes out and no longer comes back on?

You see, when the currency collapse take place not only will it De-evolove society back to its most basic form of commerce.  We will have to barter and trade for goods and services, but it will also greatly impact infrastructure as well.

Think about it...

When your gas company has to deliver the gas to your house, they have to buy it from somewhere else right?

What if the gas company doesn't have any money to pay for the gas they buy? No gas heat, or gas oven for you and your family.  How will you cook?

What about power?  It has to be bought from somewhere too! If there isn't any power to the water plant, how will they be able to deliver water to your home through pressurized water pipes? No clean water.  No drinking water.  No electricity, no heat.

How about the grocery store?  If there isn't any fuel to be had, or power to keep things refrigerated, how long will you be able to buy your groceries?  Even the American Truckers Association knows that when the trucks stop... the food stops!

You have got to think your lifestyle through.   You have got to get off the "stuff" focus and get your mind refocused on things that will help your family.

The Event will not have mercy on you.

The Event will not hear your cries of pain or anguish in the night when you are freezing cold.

The Event will not hear your children's belly rumble when they ask you for food.

You will hear all of this.  You will know that you let your family down and didn't prepare!

People, you have to listen to me!  You have to know that something is horribly, horribly wrong!  The leadership of this nation has used their God given free will to make some terrible decisions!

Why do they get to speak for me? Or make terrible decisions on our behalf? 

It wasn't because I voted them in!

I didn't tell them to not use gold to back our currency.  It wasn't me who told them to allow millions of Americans to make a lifestyle out of Welfare!  It wasn't me to who told them it was ok for us to have a war that would never end!

But my voice alone doesn't matter!  We have to bind our voices together!  We have to begin to let our elected officials know that we are severely unhappy with their actions, and how they are representing us.

They will help lead us either through "The Event" or watch as millions of people die during it.

You can change your future and prepare as "The Event" approaches.  We may not be able to stop it, but we certainly can warn family, friends and people we love about it...

Until next time...