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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

May the odds be ever in your favor....?

"Stupid People are Dangerous"

Susanne Collins, Author - The Hunger Games

If there is anything I have learned over the past year and a half since I "woke up" and realized that what was coming at us was that when "The Event" finally takes place the stupid un-prepared people will become extremely dangerous to those who have taken precautions.

You see hungry people are loose cannons, unpredictable and a liability.  Whether they are hungry for power or for food... they are dangerous. They can't get what they need ... or can't get enough of it! 

The masses will will stop at nothing to hurt you or your loved ones to get what they want!

People reach out to take fruits and vegetables distributed for free by farmers during a protest against high production costs outside the Agriculture Ministry in Athens February 6, 2013. (Reuters / John Kolesidis)
Just look at what has been happening in Greece in this past year. People are trampling each other for food, and crime has soared to new heights as people are out of money and out of work.  Retirement pensions are being cut to try and save money through austerity measures.

Sound familiar...?  Money running out, social security running out of money?  Job losses, hungry families and increased burglaries and violent crime... this is the United States very soon from now.

 If you don't agree with my view point, lets look at what is going on in Greece with the systemic collapse of their economy;

First some comparative facts;

Government type; Greece has a Parliamentary Republic that was founded in 1974, ours is a republic as well, not parliamentary in nature but similar in organization.

Population size: 10,668,354 (July 2005 est.) ours is 315,404,247 and growing.

Purchasing power parity - $21,300 / How much can one person spend per year (2004 est.), ours is $48,500.

Currency: Started into the Euro in 1999.  We had our currency standardized in 1913.  Both countries use a central bank to create fiat currency and issue and manage currency.

National Debt:  $500,000,000.00 - 500 Billion Dollars, ours is $16,562,956,042,247 and is
growing at $50,000 per second.

So at first glance ... we don't appear to look like Greece at all in terms of our purchasing power, our population.... but once you examine then numbers on debt and unemployment... we seen to fall in a better alignment with them.

You see ... it is our national debt and our unemployment that are killing us.  The odds are stacked against us... we can't over come this debt... it will destroy us. 

Even the liberal financial magazine Barrons concluded in their article for the month of February;

The stupid people who lead our Republic are winning. 

We are allowing them to spend their way in to oblivion each and every second and it is going to cause an economic collapse the likes this world has never seen before.

I am confident that this will happen, it more than likely lead to The Event and cause a terrible change for humanity.

So .. if the stupid people are winning... how do we handle it?  Take a look at this story from the BBC.

Barter...! This is one way to beat them once the system reaches the point of no return.  Bartering is the oldest form of currency... "I have three chickens... you have 4 baskets of apples... let's make a trade..."

Barter works,  but usually for small transactions.  But what do to about the bigger transactions? Those purchases for which you don't have enough eggs or animals...

How do you buy a car / horse or what ever you will need after The Event takes place?

Silver... and Gold if you have it or get it! 

Right now countries are buying up thousands of Metric Tons of Gold to begin backing their currency.  In my article, Highway Robbery I detail out how our own Government is trying to track the Gold and Silver flowing through the economy because they know that one day a currency backed by only Gold and Silver will be a sound currency.

Dear readers... we know that something terrible is coming to this nation soon, we know that the reckless spending, the entitlement abuse, failure in obedience to God and terrible evil have taken a deep foothold in this nation and are causing us to go away from everything we know to be good.

You have to start speaking up! You cannot be silent any more! You cannot side idly by on the side lines any more while the stupid people stack the odds against you

You must change the odds by preparing your family by getting a supply of food on hand. 

You must change the odds by preparing your family by having a way to protect yourself from stupid people who are not prepared.

You must change the odds by getting your family back on track with God and his faithfulness.

You must change the odds in your favor!  Our God, our Country, and our families are too important to let things just fall apart.

In the comming year we will be getting back on track to getting you more information on how to prepare... how to buy what you need ...and how to make it work for you!

Until next time!


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