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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tipping the Dominos....

"Well, I'm not excusing the fact that planning and preparedness was not where it should be. We've known for 20 years about this hurricane, this possibility of this kind of hurricane...."

Micheal Chertoff

60 million people...

Isn't that number just staggering...? Just think of how many people that truly is.  That is the number of people being affected by hurricane "Sandy".

First off let me how my heart goes out to the people currently being affected by this storm and I pray that absolutely no lives are lost.  Since I have written this article I have found that to not be true.

 No one should have to pass in a storm. But I am afraid because it is now estimated that 1/4 of those people have zero emergency supplies, and 8 + million people are without power.

Please donate what you can... do what you can to help them.

But there are some important lessons to learn here;

I want you here on the west coast to put yourselves in these people's shoes for a moment;  

Imagine you have the same size family you have now... but you now live in one of the most densely populated areas of the country. You rely on mass travel for most of your transportation needs.. getting to work... school for the kids... and your grocery shopping.
Sure ... you own a car... but haven't used or started it in 2 years...

Then... you see the news...  you hear the announcements... you get the knock at the door from the firemen...

You haven't prepared. 

You race to the store... in a car that you needed gas in just like everyone else... and then you get there and this is what you see;

This is a real image of Food-town in Middleton New Jersey on Sunday October 28.  You can click on it but I wanted it to be big and bold so everyone can see it.  

Do you see what is left?

Hardly anything!  

You race to the next store... and see this...

This is also from New Jersey on Sunday...

Do these two pictures just put a pit in your stomach when you see them? 

Imagine the parent in the story, imagine what they might be feeling right about now... they have limited food... probably very limited gasoline... and now... no emergency supplies... and now ... they have no power with cold temperatures...
I don't know about you ... but this is an absolutely scary thought for me.... I have little ones... I know what it is like to be down to your last dime and only have two slices of bread and six sandwiches to make... but that is why I changed my lifestyle to make sure this would never happen again!

I can't stress enough that "Sandy" could quite possibly be a huge factor to pushing America into "The Event".  
Remember what I first told you;

Think about it... The Event is a three legged stool, and the east coast provides us with many items we need to make our economy function; here are some big factors that could come into play. Could it tip the dominos and start the reaction that could trigger "The Event"?

There is the Government for one... which is currently shut down due to the storm. I haven't seen any word yet what departments are open today or not.

Yes...I know they truly don't count... but don't forget... Social Security, Food Stamps, Medicare control all originate out of the Maryland and New York area... if those presses are damaged due to water... we are almost near the first and third of next month... just imagine what would happen if those checks don't make it on time...

The Federal Reserve Bank has a headquarters in downtown Manhattan, and the basement is where the gold... if there is any left... is held. The other part of their operations is in D.C.  This could cause some issues with fiat funds being moved through different channels... but currently ... the stock market is closed.

A three legged stool cannot stand with a broken leg, and right now ... the legs of the East Coast are about to be kicked out from underneath it. 

But this just brings again the discussion around why people should prepare and have food and other supplies on hand. 

In my post, "Mom always told you to put on clean underwear" I detailed out the first steps you can take to protect you and your family from these types of events. In that post I discussed India's current situation with their loss of power and the 600 million people who were affected.  

This time, things are hitting way to close to home. 
Things are very bad for our friends and family who are in the Tri-State area.  But believe it or not... its not the initial storm that is going to cause issues... it is what comes after.  

The long days of rebuilding.... cleaning up... the poor living clean water and limited sanitation options.

But I am concerned on a greater level... what if this is the domino that starts "The Event?  

Think about it for a moment...

Major financial markets close... banks are closed, grocery stores can't get supplies due to weather damage... major power outages, and limit to clean water and finally groups of people who are already talking about looting post storm... it happened after Katrina, and this is a much much bigger storm.

This is a recipe for dare I say ... W.R.O.L.  We have 7 million people without power... without food... without potentially .... law and order.

How easy would it be for the Government to step in and declare some type of limited Martial Law?  We are already "under a state of emergency - (see link read, "The second dot)" so the NDAA is active and live, why wouldn't they use it?

Its disturbing... who knows what is going to come out of this?

The above quote that I started today's post with was from now disgraced FEMA chief Micheal Chertoff after FEMA horrendously failed after hurricane Katrina in the earlier part of this decade

My point is this.... they are / were the professions at this. They had an unlimited budget and unlimited supplies and yet again ... they couldn't help everyone... in fact... many people died as a result of their incompetence.
The Government didn't help them. 

You have to be responsible for you!  Sure you cannot prepare for everything... but you can improve your current situation so that if something weren't going to happen.. you and your family wouldn't be a statistic.

I can't say or repeat that message enough.  You watch... over the next 72 hours... we will hear horror stories of death, violence with some heroism sprinkled in... this area was not ready for a storm like this... the authorities were not ready for a storm like this... the culture of preparedness just wasn't there.

They waited too long...

I pray that God protects everyone and sees them through this safely and without that area of the country spiraling out of control.

We cannot do anything now but sit back and watch as this all unfolds, but use this opportunity to inspire you to make your family ready.  I don't care if you start with a 72 hour kit and work out from there.  

But for heavens sake... start somewhere!  

Until next time...

Saturday, October 27, 2012

If you thought it was over... think again... its just begining.

"If you want total security, go to prison. There you're fed, clothed, given medical care and so on. The only thing lacking... is freedom."

Dwight D. Eisenhower

It's so easy these days to get side tracked.

The political dog and pony show that the media put on did a great job of filling your living rooms with what they felt were the only two people on the planet who are qualified to be president.

I would have much rather prefer that they just take my kitchen garbage and just dump it on my living room floor... it would have been about the same thing.

They completely ignored the other political parties that were out there too!

Both of these "men" are launched attacks right and left and in this writers opinion... only made  themselves and the rest of this nation look like a terrible bunch of brats.

But this smoke screen was put up in front of us to do one thing...

Keep the status quo...

To be a distraction from the real issues.... The erosion of our freedoms and liberty. 

We in America are always taking our "freedoms" for granted.

The Freedom to say what we feel, gather where and when we want and run our businesses the way we see fit are going away.

Regulations... executive orders and poor legislation are to blame.

But the worse part is that the current leadership at the helm of all of this is the cause and now... will get another four years to continue their agenda...

I truly believe the last four years have been the most detrimental to this country in terms of the losses of our freedom, and what we have in the future isn't much to smile about either...

Don't forget in the past four years we have seen some major freedom damaging legislation as well as plans being laid.

For example;

The National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order.

The National Defense Authorization Act 

H.R - 347, or the "Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011, this bill changed the statute for where people may protest, and should anyone being guarded by secret service be near a protest... the area now becomes federal grounds. 

The DHS buying millions of rounds of ammo. 

The DHS buying vehicles and check points.

And that is just a small sample of what is going on!  We have also seen bills to force FEMA to plan for mass casualty planning. 

Mass casualty planning?  What are they expecting...?

Maybe they are seeing the proverbial light... maybe they do see "The Event" coming directly at them.

However, if you think things are better now than they were four years ago... your dead wrong.

Once again, we are going to have to go back to history here and draw some parallels to now because I feel that a majority of the message is being missed.

There are still people out there who think that everything is just fine... and don't see what the factors are that are pushing us into "The Event".

My comments are in red.

Flash back to 1682... Russia during the rule of Peter the Great.

When Peter the Great became Czar in 1682, he desired his country to be more like the rest of Western World.

He moved the capital of Russia from Moscow to St. Petersburg, which was nearer Europe.  Russia played an important part in the Wars of Napoleon and, in the nineteenth century, was very much a part of European affairs. Yet the culture of Russia was somewhat different. The people were predominantly Christians of the Roman Orthodox Church, which resembles Catholicism in most of its faith and morals but broke in schism from Rome several centuries previous.

So... does this sound familiar...? We have a Western "style" nation... constantly in a war on behalf of another country, predominantly populated by Christians and Catholics... 

We continue on; 

The Industrial Revolution did not have an influence on Russia as soon as it did the various countries of Western Europe.

The other countries were quicker to adapt to the changing times and did what they could to make the most out of new technologies...

The Czar ruled as an absolute monarch and most of the people were poor peasants. The Czar was a dictatorship with a huge domestic and foreign army. The people were satisfied for the most part under this form of government, because they felt they "couldn't change it."

Just like today, universities were often places for the development of new ideas, and when Liberalism reached Russia, it became popular in the universities. While Czar Alexander II had begun some needed reforms, he was assassinated in 1881 by a bomb which exploded in his carriage. His son, Alexander III, increased police power and did not continue the reforms.

OK...  once again... We have a strong Government with an "undisputed leader" who oppresses the middle class with a series of rules and laws like the NDAA and executive orders, who after having a "terrorist" issue decides to need more police powers domesticity...we'll press on; 

Then came World War I, and millions of Russian soldiers were killed. During World War I Nicholas II ruled Russia. Almost every Russian family was affected with losses and the country was demoralized.

Because the government of the country was unpopular, talk of revolution again became widespread.

Hmmm... much like today?

By March of 1917, there was rioting in the streets of St. Petersburg and disorganized revolution, with conflicting groups attempting to get control of the country. Alexander Kerensky and his followers succeeded in taking over, and the Menshevicks ruled as Liberals and Socialists. They were not Communists. The royal family was arrested, as the Mensheviks continued the war.

Lenin, who had earlier been driven into exile, watched for his opportunity to return to Russia and to put the Communist Manifesto of Karl Marx into practice. Lenin got in touch with the government of Germany, promising that if it helped him get safely back into Russia, he would take over the government and see that Russia withdrew from the war. The German kaiser aided this plan.

Josef Stalin welcomed Lenin when he arrived in St. Petersburg on April 16, 1917. Lenin took charge of the most revolutionary groups that wanted to dominate the country, namely the Bolsheviks. This group intended to dominate the people. Through lies, and false promises of peace, bread, and land, they won the support of many people. They claimed that property and wealth should be taken from the minority, who owned it, and divided among the common people. However, the Communists' real goal was that the people would have no property and no freedom and the state, in effect, would become god.

Ok... here is where history begins to repeat is self... The US, just like 1917 Russia is involved in a war where many many people died...  and just like in Russia... many, many families are affected.  Now we see the introduction of a "savior" someone who was going to go "forward" and lead the country into a new era of prosperity and just like with our currently administration who is using the USDA, and food stamps to lure people into a sense of false hope that the Government will protect and provide for them.  

Here is a parallel, Our current Presidential administration is using promises of peace, education, bread and land to win the support of many people...  He is building his army of Bolsheviks! He is building an army that has to rely 100% on the Government for subsistence... the 47% is growing!

He is building an army built on lies!

Lets keep reading...

The Bolsheviks became well organized, and by June the Mensheviks were weakening. The Bolsheviks infiltrated various posts of government. On November 7, the Bolsheviks seized banks, power stations, bridges, telephone exchanges, and railroad stations. Soldiers in the capital supported the Bolsheviks.

Kerensky's followers were left with only the former palace of the Czars, and by early morning the next day the Red Guards had control of the palace and the "Kerenskys" were taken prisoners. On November 8,

Communists met under the leadership of Lenin. They declared an end to their participation in the war, seized all private property, and declared Lenin head of the new Communist government.

By November 18 — though only a relatively small number of Russia's people were Bolsheviks — the 175 million people of Russia were under their control and representative government, which had been promised, was not to be. The Communist insurgents took over all newspapers and henceforth only the Communist line could be publicized.

When the people realized the Communists' promises had been lies they refused to cooperate, as everything belonged to the government. Farmers grew only what they needed, since all surplus went to the Communist state. Factory workers went on strike and refused to work, so that production fell far below their previous output. Events proved that communism, according to the atheistic ideas of Marx and Lenin, is contrary to human nature and justice. Lenin was thus forced to ease up somewhat, but before he came to grips with the immediate problems, at least 5 million Russians died of starvation.

Religion and family life suffered greatest in Russia after the Communist takeover. Religion was considered an enemy of the Communist state: children could not be taught religion nor could religious literature be published. Many bishops, priests, and religious were murdered or jailed. Schools, seminaries, monasteries were closed. Children were encouraged to spy on their own parents and report them to the Communist police if they practiced religion in the home or held ideas contrary to Communist indoctrination in the state schools. Respect for the sacredness and indissolubility of marriage was disregarded and easy divorce was made possible. A couple simply signed a governmental paper to get married or divorced.

The Communist International was organized by Lenin and spread throughout the world, with the aim of world domination by Communists. When Lenin died in 1924, Josef Stalin took over as Communist dictator, without any voice by the people in this decision. In 1928 Stalin started the first of his infamous Five-Year plans, aimed at industrializing Russia and making the country more economically productive. The peasants had to work on "collective farms," owned by the Communist state, or in factories. Some who attempted to work their own farms and resist their Communist takeover were either shot to death on Stalin's orders or transported to Siberia for slave labor in prison camps.

Ok... final comparison. The money has run out, the food has run out and we now see how unhappy the people became under the Soviet Union, but did that deter the communist regime? No... they kept on pressing toward their goals no matter the damage to their people... much like our own current government who see's the fiscal cliff and the beginnings of "The Event" coming and continue to spend money we don't have and right now they are currently doing nothing to try and prevent it. 

We also then see the damage to Christianity and the sacredness of family and the institute of marriage become less respected and get thrown by the wayside. 

Then there is the Government "labor" camps... dare I compare those to FEMA camps? Should I tell you that right now in America there are 800 different locations in America that are FEMA camps?  I have told you before of the postings for "interment specialists" that will work at these locations.

This is a reality!  These these things are truly happening in America.  What do you think the National Defense Resources Preparedness Act is for?

Its to have the government, "Procure and install additional equipment, facilities, processes, or improvements to plants, factories, and other industrial facilities owned by the Federal Government and to procure and install Government owned equipment in plants, factories, or other industrial facilities owned by private persons."

The plans are already here... the foundation is laid for communism!
Back to a normal font; 

The parallels to history are spooky.   

We can see into the past and know that a Government who gets too big... spends too much, bullies its people and creates a police state by which children are told to tell on their parents for worshiping God will not successfully be able to stay in power.  This has happened in Hungary and Yugoslavia in 1945.. and time an time again in history when a Government disregards its best for its people and turns away from God.

We are in big, big trouble in this nation.

We are doing everything that the Russians did...

I've shown you above.

Our leaders have no intention of fixing this or learning from history... they will ignore the lessons and run this country into the ground.... with all of us underneth them to cushion their fall..

I hope your ready... or maybe getting there... time is running out... and things are a long way from being over.

Until next time... 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Glass Menagerie Society

"We have seen that in this country in the last few years, particularly on Wall Street, with the rise of the old human frailty of greed. This occurs when people begin to serve only their own needs to the detriment of everyone else."

Lee R. Raymond

This week I was reminded how fragile of a society we are.


As we watch the snow ball effect of the break up of the Eurozone and it's currency... we need to not forget of what is going to occur here soon if our leaders don't get their act together.   

We know the fiscal cliff is coming ..... we know that the debt is massively unmanageable that we will never fix it.  But yet... they continue to rely on useless things to fix it... a useless currency,  a useless bond program... and a useless foreign policy that sponsors nothing but war and greed. 

These useless things, this "stuff" that they have put their faith in are way to fragile.  Its not real... its just a convenience. 

I want to convey in today's message how truly fragile we are in terms of how we rely on non-essential "stuff". 

I want you to take a moment to push your chair away from the computer and look at your desk a moment.

What is on it?  Obviously you have a computer.  How about an iPhone? Printer maybe?  iPad or an EReader of some type?  

How often do you use them?  Why do you use them?  How much do you rely on them?  Do you use them to track your bank balances?  How about keeping track of your medicine or insulin?

What would you do tomorrow if they were gone? How bad would your withdrawals be?

Let's take a bigger step back....

Now let's think about your kitchen.  Go to your pantry.  Open it... take a good hard look around in it.

If tomorrow... you couldn't go to the grocery store.... could you feed your family for a month?  Two months?

How's your water situation?  Do you have clean water you could drink?  Do you have a way to filter it? 

How about sanitation?  If tomorrow you couldn't use your toilet any more... what would you do?

How about your self protection?  Do you own a gun?  Do you know how to use it?  Do you have the intestinal fortitude to use if on another human being?

You see the reason I bring up all of these things is I want to prove a point.

We are too reliant on "convenience items".  Sure technology is great.. and a blast to use... but in the end... the only technology we need is our two hands and our brain.

We rely on other people too much to provide for us....

Here is a good example.... Last week in the town I live in one of our water districts had a major issue with its pumping system. You can read / watch more about it here

So... being the curious person that I was when I heard about it... I picked up the phone and I called several of the largest grocery stores in that area and worked my way out.

I called a Fred Meyer (Kroger for you East Coast Folks), an Albertsons and a Safeway. 

My first few phone calls were exactly what I thought they would be.  Within an hour and a half all of the major grocery stores were out of all bottled water.   This included all small bottles all the way up to the large "water cooler" style bottles... people were buying those even when they didn't have a system to use them.   

I also followed up with a question about the panic level among the people who were in their stores... the first store manager (the Fred Meyer) told me that people seemed to be reasonable to deal with at first...then as people got off of work and school... they became more agitated and more demanding as far as product availability. 

The second store manager (The Albertsons)... whose store was in a lower income area... told me that people were really hustling to get what they need, but no fights or panic... just a lot of money being spent on water... and few extra supplies. 

The last store ....the Safeway.. in the lowest income area... told me that they were sold out in 45 minutes from the time the ban went into effect and that two patrons at one point had even gotten in a fist fight.

Now.... in this particular store... they have a low income population around the area ... and a fight in the store every once in a while... well that is par for the course.  But he did advise me that their water supplies went very quick and people had to go to other areas of my town to get water....

The press never talked about that.... But most of all it impacted the schools.  They had to close the schools because the kids couldn't drink from the drinking fountains and they couldn't cook with the water coming out their sinks...

They couldn't even wash dishes in the cafeteria kitchen...

We don't think that when the water goes... it impacts more than just our families...

Thankfully there are only about 2500 families that were affected... but imagine if it was the entire city!

So... what have we learned from those conversations?

People were massively un-prepared.  Their water got taken away... and they had to scramble..

They weren't ready for their main source of water to be taken away... I'm sure there were a few people in the area who had some water.. but for the most part.... it was hours and the bottled water was gone.

It was a shame really.

To some of you.... this is nothing new, but I want to re-enforce the point that we live in a very delicate society...a "glass menagerie" if you will.  Sure it is pretty to look at from afar, but one swift knock and it will fall off the table of balance and shatter into a million pieces.

We as a society are for the most part .... not ready for that shattering... or "The Event".   We like out conveniences  we like our phones... our iPads... running water, gas stove, power for that matter ... but when that all fails... What is left?

This week was the final Presidential debate... and a rather boring one at that.  I liked the last one better... much better... it was more exciting... more on point....

Sure foreign policy is important and plays a huge role in how The Event will shake out with human existence,  but both parties are just so far out of alignment that they can't truly see what is coming and how they need to take on the mantle of leadership and prepare us for what we need to do.

They have gotten so far away from what our fore-fathers had planned for us.  Freedom is gone by the wayside... liberty is gone by the wayside... Faith is gone by the wayside.

I want to make sure that as you read tonight's post that you think back over the past year and decide that two weeks from now... what will you do?

Are you better off?

Is your family better off?

Do our leaders have our best in mind... or do they just want to have "more influence" in the world?

Are you ready for more years of trouble ahead....?  Fuel prices are still up, food prices are going to increase.... taxes are going to increase.

I truly believe that right now we are being given a chance with "7 years aplenty" before things get really bad.  I want you to take advantage of things now... I want you to be able to provide for your family when the "7 years of famine" come!

We have to ween ourselves away from the total reliance on technology .. sure we can still use it.  In fact it helps get our message of liberty and freedom out there!  It is a powerful tool.

It still has to be our medium to deliver the message.  But you need to mentally prepare yourself for a day that none of that will be available.

Chew on what I have said above and consider you or your families future.  Keep your faith in God... but work your butt off down here on earth to be ready for "The Event".

Until next time....

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Unbalanced Scales

“When you are in deep conflict about something, sometimes the most trivial thing can tip the scales.”

Ethel Merman

What if this was your annual household budget?


What if this was what you spent?

What if you had a credit card... and you used it.... a lot?


What if you only cut this from your budget?


Pretty crazy huh? It just doesn't make any fiscal sense at all huh?  Your probably saying ... "why would anyone run their household budget that way?"  Their bank balance would be in the red all the time!

But .... Did these numbers look familiar to you? 

If not they should… add nine zeros to each one and you have the current budget of the Federal Government;

U.S. TAX REVENUE: $2,170,000,000,000
FED BUDGET: $3,820,000,000,000
NEW DEBT: $1,650,000,000,000
NATIONAL DEBT: $14,271,000,000,000
RECENT BUDGET CUTS: $38,500,000,000

Does something seem extremely unbalanced in this?  Does it just make you sick to see that type of debt hanging over our countries head?

As I have watched over the past year since my awakening in November of 2011 I have seen all type of things that have caused me to be greatly concerned for the future of our world and our nation, however the number one thing that continues to make me so incredibly frustrated is when I see people just ignore the major problem of our monetary debt in this country.

Last week... while watching the vice presidential debates, I was once again severely disappointed by the unbalanced approach to it.

Once again they failed to address the real issues.

Yes... I do believe that Paul Ryan did the better job.  He was cool, calm and collected.

Yes... I feel that Biden came across as an old angry man who just yells at people to stay off his lawn.

Yes ... I do believe that Martha Raditz had something against Paul Ryan and should have bowed out due to her connection to the President and the conflict of interest.

I stand firmly in the belief that neither Candidate won the debate.  They never debated the true issue facing this country.  The incredible weight of the mounting fiscal debt.

Sure... Paul Ryan said a blip about it toward the end of the debate... the comment of ... Was it a good idea to borrow all this money from countries like China?''... was a good start to the discussion,  but he needed push it.  He needed to keep going! 

He needed to address the fact that the debt should be fixed above all else... The debt will be a huge contributing factor or the tipping point of the scales into The Event.

Without fixing the debt... we have nothing! We can't pay for Social Security, Medicare, or even salaries!

Now I have been chastised in the past about accusing our leaders of being complete incompetent idiots who don’t have this country’s best in mind.  I have become a pariah and I've accepted it.  But I still don’t understand why the people of this country continue to  feel the need to continue to protect them!  

In the past 25 years, our leaders have done nothing good for us!  Nothing!

Name one good, solid piece of legislation that has come out of Washington that hasn't limited our freedoms or taken away our rights....?  

They (our leaders) continue to tip the scales in their favor and tell us that it is "for our own protection". They do it with the money, the judicial system, or nations security and even our food.

They have to have accountability, and right now they have nothing to stop them!

We can’t continue to ignore what they are doing and what we are spending as a nation!  It is close to 50k a second in debt!

I had the opportunity last week to speak with a local owner / broker of a securities company here in town and the conversation about made me wretch.

As I listed to him talk about the state of the nation and his current business I was appalled by the fact that he couldn't give a flying fig about his clients feelings or well being. 

He was all about the money.

Because I had some time left in my meeting with him, I wanted to see how far down in the pit of fallibility he would really go.

I posed the question to him.... "Do you hate greed?"  

His response was this...."Greed is my business... people always want more money... I want more money.. you should want more money.... So no... I like greed."

At this point I politely ended the conversation and left the meeting.

He is what is wrong with America. 

He is the representation of why The Event will happen and why it is beginning to happen in other countries.... greed drives evil.

We have to stop being greedy and begin to focus on helping each other for what is about to come!

I can just picture the emails now..., "Jay... but is it wrong to want to have a good life, and a savings for the future?"

No... there is nothing wrong with having a solid amount of savings, two running paid off cars, food for your children and you and a home that will keep you warm and dry.

But to care less for another human beings future well being, just so you can live a few more moments of pleasure is just evil and sinful.

Look at what is happening over seas;

Spain is weeks away from collapse as well as Greece saying they are going to be 100% out of money by the end of November.  Both of these countries spent absurd amounts of money to pay for entitlements, and now their people are having to dig through trash cans for food!

They never had a balanced budget approach to their fiscal health.  Many lived lavish lifestyles... borrowed money they couldn't repay and worked less and felt entitled to more... they are entering "The Event"...
Sweden is preparing for the Euro collapse…they know that on the horizon are some very terrible times...

The leadership of the US needs to seriously look at the example that Europe is setting for us. 

A better part of Europe is in big, big financial trouble and the other part is working to try and avoid economic collapse like the plague but they probably won’t.  

Please, please your eyes away from the mainstream media and focus again with what is going on in this country.

Things are not getting better! In fact the main stream press will lie to you to tell your different; even big companies like FedEx are getting ready to position themselves for a severe economic event!

Big companies know that this severe economic event will crush their companies and close their doors... they think their only hope is to limit their amount of salaries they are paying in the hopes that using that working capital will possibly keep them going. 

They (the mainstream press) is doing everything they can to paint a picture that all is rosy… they say the home builders market is up… they say that the amount of people filing for unemployment is down… they say we are in a recovery.  

We need to embrace the challenges that lie ahead of us!  We need to begin to prepare our selves for the sacrifices we will need if we are going to survive as a nation.

If not... There will not be a USA to speak of when it is over....

No one in a position of power who is worth their salt is looking at the coming Event and moving with any urgency.

We are 16,000,000,000 (trillion) dollars in the hole!  This is staggering.  The scales are starting to tip in a direction what we are not going to recover from.

We have some incredibly challenges times ahead of us.  The Event will change the face of humanity... it will cause use to fall back to valuing what is important; God, Family... basic necessities.

As I re-enforce to you constantly... please prepare your families... do your research... think for yourselves... Get right with God... and to begin to plan ahead for your families....

Together with the strength of God we can get through this... but only if you open your mind.

Until next time....