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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"Mom always told you to put on clean underwear..."

“People were always getting ready for tomorrow. I didn't believe in that. Tomorrow wasn't getting ready for them. It didn't even know they were there.”

Heavy traffic moves along a busy road as it rains during a power-cut at the toll-gates at Gurgaon on the outskirts of New Delhi July 31, 2012. REUTERS-StringerI don’t think you really get how serious things are becoming.

I want you to take a moment and look at this photo.

Do you know where this is?

This is India over the past two days.

According to Associated Press, Reuters and other sources today there is 600 million people without power.

600 Million People! That is equal to the entire population of North America and Central America!

Can you imagine if that was here? 

What would happen?  What has happened before?  Remember the east coast black out in 2003? It affected millions of people!  No transportation, no power to the grocery stores, no power to the banks.
11 people died, and that was only in a 24 hour period!  What if it would have been longer? 

How would you react if the power went out?

Better yet… what if the power never came back on?  As I have posted before NBC is getting ready to launch a show that I am absolutely stoked for.  The premise of the power going out completely and never coming back on is really going to freak people out. 

<- Check out the trailer here.

Kind of a wild thought huh?

Today I want to talk to you more in depth about being prepared.  You know down in your heart that “The Event” is coming.  Remember, it is that feeling that something just isn't right with the world.  That too many bad things are all happening together at the same time.

There is too much info pointing toward it.  We have made the choices that are driving us into it. 

Poor financial decisions, poor environmental decisions and poor political decisions are all making it happen.  

I want you to take a good hard look at your life and circumstances.  Think of your family.  Think of your lifestyle.  What would you do if tomorrow if you could not use your fridge?  Your freezer?  Your stove?  Your computer or smartphone.

In America today there are already 3 million people who are considered “preppers”, and yes,  like any group out there they have their wackos too.

There is a stereo type that does go with it… Like this photo. 

But unlike what you think, see and hear what the mainstream media says about them,  these “preppers” are actually common sense, God fearing, down to earth, Patriots who love liberty and want the US to be once what it was.

They understand that if times were to get bad, they want to be able to feed, clothe and provide for their families!  They want to be more self sufficient.

They are your friends, your neighbors, your co-workers.

They’re not crazy or conspiracy nuts. They are not sheeple.  They are awake to the fact that the lives of those in their families and communities may someday rely on them for their food, shelter and maybe even protection.

They love their families and friends and want to make sure that when "The Event" comes they are well cared for when those in power have decided that the rest of us are expendable.

Even our inept government wants you to be prepared!

Sure Just look at this FEMA add.  But I have to say the the only reason they are saying it is because they known in a SHTF (S—t Hits The Fan) moment they don’t have the resources or the supplies to be able to help everyone in America.

I think they also posted this due to the fact that they massively screwed up their response to Hurricane Katrina and Ike.

I want you to be ready.  I don’t want your family to suffer.  I don’t want “The Event” to make your family suffer.  You can be ready.

So today we will be kicking off a weekly series on how you the average person can start to get ready to be prepared for “The Event”.  I’m going to do my best to combine both the social commentary that I have been giving you and combine that with some type of skill you can prepare with.

Today we’re going to start by talking about how you even get organized for this lifestyle shift, because that is what it truly is. 

A shift in the way you approach your life style and your life style choices. There are very few of them who can afford to continue in the lifestyle that we are in and focus on getting their families ready to tackle the unthinkable.

You can’t … unless you make gobs of money each year.  Somehow … I don’t think that is you, because it certainly isn’t me…

Let’s get started.

Getting your finances organized… and making sacrifices.

Sacrifice… what an ugly word huh?  It means you have to give up something!  What will that be?

What if you cut those by half?  Well then you would have a pretty good chunk of change to get started on, in fact it would $170.00 … not bad huh?

But here is the thing… you have to put aside your selfish nature and think about your family first. 

You have to make the choice to want to change.  You have to be able to make the sacrifices now that will benefit your family later.  Sacrifice now and you won't have to do it later.

“But Jay, what if "The Event" never takes place…?”

Good question… Even I have thought about that.  What if my planning is for nothing?
How about this…?  What if you lose your job?  It happened to me.  What if you need to supplement your grocery budget due to the drought going through the heartland right now?

It is truly better to be prepared than to not be prepared at all!

I’ve told you about the book, “One Second After” before – one of the scariest books I’ve read in a long time. There is a scene that takes place in a nursing home that has no power or supplies.  It is horrific and caused me to have to take a deep breath in between pages.  Vomit, colostomy bags that over flowed, people on pumps that have failed without power.  Diabetics without a long lasting source of insulin. People lying in their own waste.  The Nursing Home wasn't prepared. 

It is brutally intense, but worth the read. It will motivate you.

You need to be this motivated.  You need to begin to eliminate all wasteful expenses and put them into things that will benefit your family in the long run.

I have a home work assignment for you … over the next week, look at your personal budget, and decide what you could limit or even do away with.  How much could you save? 

Think and meditate on what would you do tomorrow if a natural disaster took place? What if the economy finally collapses? Could you feed your family for more than a month out of your pantry?  Could you perform basic first-aid?

These are things that you need to learn, these are things you need to begin thinking about because others will not do it for you. 

Next week were going to talk Beans, Bullets and Band-Aids!
Until next time…

Monday, July 30, 2012

“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain..."

“What in the heck is going on?”

That is the number one question out of everyone’s mouth when they ask me about my commentary on this country.  The second one is, “how do I find out more?”

They just cannot wrap their mind around what they are seeing on CNN and every other main stream media news channel.  They just can’t grasp that the evil they are seeing is the new normal.

People are getting and angry about it!

But the problem is people are taking this anger out on one another and pointing their rage in the wrong direction!

The right hates the left and the left hates the right, and at the center of it all are the people who are playing both sides off of each other.  “They” like the growing dissension.  “They” like the fact that Americans are so obsessed with what people are doing on TV that they are missing what is really going on behind the scenes. 

“They” are working to put us into “The Event”, and out of the “Event” will come something terrible.

I want you to think of our society like the scene from the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy and the gang visit the Wizard in Oz.  If it wouldn’t have been for her dog, she never would have peeked behind the curtain.

As Americans we accept things at face value.  We are shovel fed the political “poop” from the stalls of the “capitol” and all we see is a just a big scary head and the fire telling us what to do and think.  We are afraid to ask challenging questions.  We are missing seeing the, “man / men / people behind the figurative “curtain”. 

We are missing seeing the ones who are controlling all of what we see and hear in the media and out of the mouths of the Government.

Today … we must talk about “Sheeple” and “Awakened People”  

Here is a quick definition for you;

“Sheeple” blindly follow anything they are told to do, say, or think.  They fall in line with the crowd and go from one pasture to the other without questioning the directions of the Sheppard for fear the sheep dog will bite their heels.  They don’t believe in anything bigger than themselves. 

When the wolves come they typically are unaware and run with the herd and sometimes that brings death or a great deal of pain.   

“Awakened” people question everything, for good reasons.  They question their faith, their leaders, their families, and their existence to make sure that they are doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing. They think independently, they act independently; they focus their endeavors on things that will benefit both their families and mankind.  They have shucked off the “wool” of the sheeple.

Here is an interesting article to read; “Welcome to the World Revolution in the Global Age of Rage”.  As you can see from the article… (yes… I know … it’s long) the author shows a very good time line for how things are beginning to ramp up on the other side of the globe in Greece. 

“Banks that were set on fire, petrol bombs were thrown at riot police, who were pepper spraying, tear gassing, and beating protesters with batons, and three people died of suffocation in one of the bombed banks.”

This really struck a chord with me probably because of my career choice and how I’ve seen things quickly become derailed here in America.  What I found disturbing was that people were blaming the banks for the issues, not the fiscal leadership!

The Sheeple were running around Greece destroying things.  These people who were getting hurt were their friends, neighbors and those who were in service to them every day! 

They threw the stones at the wrong people!

Their anger is misdirected, and needs to be refocused in the proper direction, it was not their friends or neighbors who caused the mess!  It was their Governments monetary leadership!

Just take a look at history and how when people came together something powerful was accomplished;

In 1917 Soviet Russia, the country was headed into a crisis of social, economic, and political doing (sound familiar?).

The Bolsheviks, a political party within the current government grew really angry with the sheer amount of casualties that their countrymen were experiencing due to Czar Nicholas II dragging them into WWI.

During a mass demonstration of women workers in February of 1917, the czar's officials called out the army to crush the protesters (more historical parallels). The women used logic and convinced the soldiers to use their guns for a better cause. Thus began the “February Revolution”.

Czar Nicholas II was dethroned in Russia during this, the "February Revolution." The Provisional Government was formed to replace the void left by the deposed czar. This provisional government was made up of bankers, lawyers, industrialists, and capitalists. The provisional government was very weak and failed to live up to its promise of ending Russia's involvement in the war.  

Some scholars would say that due to the fact that it was made up of “corporations” and didn’t represent the voice of the people was the reason that it failed.

They kept Russia in the war and just made things worse for themselves and for Russia.  War means good business for them (the corporations), and was not good for the people.

In early October 1917, Lenin convinced the Bolshevik Party to form an immediate insurrection against the Provisional Government. The Bolshevik leaders felt it was of the utmost importance to act quickly while they had the momentum to do so.

The armed workers known as Red Guards and the other revolutionary groups moved on the night of Nov. 6-7 under the orders of the Soviet's Military Revolutionary Committee. These forces seized post and telegraph offices, electric works, railroad stations, and the state bank.

Once the shot rang out from the Battleship Aurora, the thousands of people in the Red Guard stormed the Winter Palace. The Provisional Government had officially fallen to the Bolshevik regime. Once the word came to the rest of the people that the Winter Palace had been taken, people from all over rose and filled it. V. I. Lenin, the leader of the Bolsheviks, announced his attempt to construct the socialist order in Russia. This new government made up of Soviets, and led by the Bolsheviks. By early November, there was little doubt that the proletariats backed the Bolshevik motto: "All power to the soviets!"

Now… stop yourself for a moment… your assuming again. 

You just called me a communist in your head didn’t you?

Just so it’s official, I’m not a communist; I am free man who believes in liberty, God, and the right to make your own freedom and live in harmony with others under Gods law.

Not to live with the mentality of the communists “everyone gets the same piece of pie”.

I want you to look into the historical significance of people coming together for a common cause.  Look at what they were able to accomplish!  They changed the course of history and a country!

Yes, was it violent. Yes, people probably died. Am I advocating violence?

No.  I am not.

Am I advocating action? Yes!

But more than that, I want you will see how the Russian people decided to shuck off the mind set of being a “sheeple” became “awake” and rose up and did something about their situation.  They decided to look behind the curtain and find out who was running the country and change it!

I am not advocating or hoping to insight a rebellion in our country.  Others are all ready doing that.

What I want you to do is think about your life, your circumstances, your faith. 
Are you just a “sheeple”?

Or do you think independently of the system?  Do you see something and then ask questions to determine it roots?  Do you follow your “gut” feeling when something isn’t right?

If not, you need to start!

Don’t be a “sheeple”! When you get rid of the “wool” of being a sheeple, and you become “awake” it will help you to become more ready and will help you recognize the signs of the coming “Event”.

Until next time...

Saturday, July 28, 2012

“From My Cold Dead Hand!!!”

The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.
-Thomas Jefferson

As you read the first lines of this post you may think… “Geez Jay… enough with the gun control issue already!"
Well my friends… today’s post really isn’t about that at all… it’s about the bigger picture of our given rights and how we are systematically loosing them rapidly.
Yes… that’s right… your losing them faster than you think.
Our rights are important.  They are the backbone of our country. Its why 25,700 people died! All for the sake of this document.
So what do you really know about your rights?  

If I asked you today, could you tell me what the Bill of Rights (the first 10 amendments of the constitution) said or summarize it for me … could you?

If you don't know... get educated. If you do... read on.
You see the more people I talk with about the coming “The Event”, they don’t even know what they currently have or what they are losing!
Remember “The Event” also includes a political aspect too. 
This is a really, really important point. 
Before the fall of any major society, the Government begins to squeeze the life out of its people as it takes away their rights!  

Let’s tie back in some history here and give you some perspective.
I referenced this particular example in my post, “The End Does Not Justify The Means”… but we have to once again revisit Adolf Hitler’s use of the Reichstag Fire Decree.  

I use it because it is a prolific example of the blatant abuse of power in a government and how it compares to our own leaderships current decisions. 

This use of the decree did the following; I will use the full text of the decree;

"Articles 114, 115, 117, 118, 123, 124 and 153 of the Constitution of the German Reich are suspended until further notice. It is therefore permissible to restrict the rights of personal freedom [habeas corpus], freedom of (opinion) expression, including the freedom of the press, the freedom to organize and assemble the privacy of postal, telegraphic and telephonic communications. Warrants for House searches, orders for confiscations as well as restrictions on property, are also permissible beyond the legal limits otherwise prescribed. "
The effect of the decree opened the door to complete tyranny and the death of 6 million people! All it took was one decree, one "executive order" to pave the way for a Government that dominated its own people as well as another culture.

No one ever thinks about that aspect.  Germany's own people struggled too.  

Wait a second... I know what you are thinking... take that thought right out of your head.  I am not a white supremacist, and I'm not a "jew hater".  Your out of line for thinking that... don't be a typical American and assume.  You know the old edict... "Assuming makes and ass out of you and me."



But if you look historically, the Reichstag Fire Decree was against "everyone" in Germany, not just the Jews.  The decree allowed the Government to seize complete control and dominate the entire country.  Remember, the decree said; 

"the Constitution of the German Reich are suspended until further notice."

It didn't say, "the jewish constitution", or the "gay constitution".  In fact part of the 6 millions deaths also included German citizens who helped to protect the targeted groups from Hitler's hate and fear mongering.  

Hitler did his best to keep his people snowed through the use of the media, and other sources of propaganda.  Sometimes they did things right under their peoples noses... and sometimes he bought farms way out in Poland, and turned it into a concentration camp (Auschwitz) where people just mysteriously got shipped to and was never heard from again. 

You truly don't realize how close our own Government is to doing this.  They are becoming our own modern Riech. 

Take a moment to look at this picture; 

Now our own Government may not have issued a "Reichstag Fire Decree", but they they are doing it in much smaller chunks.  The NDAA, the Patriot Act, SOPA/PIPPA, and now the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty.

They tell us is to protect us from the "terrorists"... In fact is is proven that simple things like the TSA have never, ever prevented a terror attack.  

They are all just larger parts of a bigger puzzel, a bigger picture of a new "Fire Decree". 

Ladies and Gentlemen, put the pieces together for heavens sake!  

You should be up in arms about what you are seeing!  

You should be ashamed!

You should not allow this to happen!
"But Jay... how does all of this relate to the title for today?" 

Good question.
Let me respond with these in kind... How despirately would you hang on to your rights if you knew you were about to loose them?  

Would you cling to them till your fingers were bloody?  Would you only let your freedom and your faith go from "your cold dead hand! Would you die to preserve someone else's rights?
Would you fight for them? Would you draw your line in the sand?
That is what this is all about.  Your Freedoms! Remember 25,700 people died so you could truly have this freedom!  How can you sit idly by and allow them to do this?  Its like going and pooping on Paul Revere's or Patrick Henry's grave and then cleaning yourself with the flag!

You would never think to do that! 

But that is what you do each time you say to yourself, "Well.. I'm just one person.. I can't do anything."!  You metaphorically do it!

You have to pay attention!  You have to wake up! 

For the love of pete... get focused!

You have to begin to understand that very soon you we wont be able to use email or the phone without someone reading it or listening to it! 

You have to understand that soon they will take your right to protect yourself! 

You have to understand that soon you will not be able to drive freely where you want to without someone asking you where your going or who your going to talk with!

You have to understand that you won't be able to build what you want on your own property with out "the eye in the sky" knowing what your doing. 

Our time is short..  You need to begin to let your families know what you are reading.  Stop being afraid of what people will think of what you are saying. 

Be honest, be truthful, be real.  Raise your voice and tell those in authority that if they don't repeal these "Fire Decree's" that when "The Event" takes place it will just make things worse.  

We won't be able to openly help each other openly, we wont be able to rebuild a better society, we won't be able to lead others to the truth.

You need to begin to work smarter and faster to spread the the truth. 

The "Event" is coming...

Until next time...

Thursday, July 26, 2012

No Pain .... No Gain?

We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disappointment.
Jim Rohn, Motivational Speaker

No one likes going through it… no matter what shape or form.  
Pain is Pain.  Some feel it deeper than others and some feel nothing at all because they are numb.
Today I had the “wonderful” opportunity to get my teeth cleaned.  Let’s just say due to budgetary cuts in my home, it has been a while since I have had it done.  I feel like someone took a baseball bat to my face. 
I am feeling pain and I don’t like it.
But this is temporary.
However, we have greater pain coming.
Over the past 20 or so posts I have been writing about the coming “Event” and what is leading us up to it. Today will be no different except that I want to break things down a bit to help you begin to prepare mentally for what is coming.
This morning I read the following articles;
The first was over at  The title of the article is, “Europe is sleepwalking towards imminent disaster, warns top economists.” 
And the last one I’ll throw at you; “Are we heading for a Global Food Crisis?”
Pretty daunting titles huh? 
But these headlines do one thing: Tell the truth.
Truth is painful. 
It takes the thing you have been hiding from or staying away from in that deep dark place and brings it out into the light. In the light it will be examined, dissected thrown in your face, and eventually destroyed or buried for the world to dig up later when you are dead and gone, and the process will begin again.
World leaders, the Media, the Government and "We the People" are playing the old game of “If I can’t see it … it’s not a problem!”  We are seeing the contributing factors for the “The Event” starting to come together and it is scary!

Remember, “The Event” is; a combination of economic, environmental, and political events.
Remember is a "perfect storm" of events that could and will collapse our monetary systems, our political system and destroy needed portions of our environment, including food.
People love to ignore or hide things, take for example me. 
Ignored the dental hygiene of my mouth… and because I did that … I am paying dearly today.   But I faced it and today I am sore… but it will go away, unlike our current storm of events ready to unfold.
Right now, the sins (and for this post, I use “sin” in a very general term) of those in charge are slowing coming to light and they are doing their best to cling to the dark places they reside to keep them away from the eyes of all of us. They don’t want to suffer the embarrassment.
Embarrassment is a powerful tool.  It can steer history, it can change a person. 
Last night I had the opportunity to watch embarrassment at work.  My son was singing in a Church production and at one point the entire choir of kids went silent and my son inadvertently blurted out the chorus of the song at the wrong time.
He was devastated.  My wife and I watched as he shrank back into the crowd and eventually slipped over side of the group and ran down the aisle to his mother and me crying.  My wife and I felt terrible for him.   His little tears streamed down his face, he was very, very upset.
 I asked him what was wrong. 
He responded to me by saying, “They all laughed at me!”  Now eventually we got him over it and he went back up stage to finish the performance and did a wonderful job.  No matter what he would have done, his mother and I would have been proud of him.
He toughed it out, and he overcame the embarrassment and rallied back.
But I feel that this situation is really a good analogy for what we are seeing in today’s world.  When times get tough people just run away and hide and cry when things get tough.  They don’t pick themselves up and try to fix the problem.   They blame others for their woes, and choose to sit in their own filth rather than try to fix their situation.
Civilizations have done this in the past.  We see the top 20 percent of the people who are doing 80 percent of the work eventually just give up.  Leave what they know and walk away, leaving the rest of the “heard” to expire or worse.
So… what happens when “The Event” actually takes place?  What will you do?  How will you react?
Are you preparing yourself mentally?  If you really think through it, it is going to be very, very tough.
Imagine one day waking up and being 100 years in the past.  Yes… being back in 1912.  No TV, no internet, limited fuel and most scary limited food.
Could you hack it?  Are you ready to hack it? Have you begun to prepare yourself and your family for the very real possibility of a complete food crisis?  What will you do for your kids, your spouse what about your Grandparents?
Are you mentally ready to see a mass extinction level event?  What would you tell your kids?  How will you tell them about the images they may or may not see on TV?  How would you tell them that the friends they play with may never be seen again, or died?
Yes, keep your family focused on Gods strength.   He will be your strength when the time comes.  
Now is the time to ready yourself!  Now is the time to prepare yourself for what is to come.  Now is the time to not turn the channel when the TV shows images of war, or of people who are worse off than you.
If you are looking for resources I would first recommend starting off with the following books and movies;
This is just a small section from my own personal library, but everyone of these books contains amazingly valuable information about how to prepare yourself mentally for “The Event”.
Please begin to get ready!
Until next time….