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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Count the cost.... and the consequences!

"All human sin seems so much worse in its consequences than in its intentions."

Reinhold Niebuhr - Writer / Philosopher

I am constantly saying to my kids, "Think before you act...", "Don't be over zealous...", "Stay with the group", " Think about those around you!  How will your decisions affect others?"  

But you know what... it has absolutely no effect on them...!

They think they know better, so they touch the stove, or jump off that high thing, or they swing to fast, and not wear a helmet and then suffer the consequences because of their childhood foolishness!

It still baffles me how parents can say these things over and over again and yet our children still don't think of the consequences will be for their actions.

But you know what... adults aren't any better... in fact many of them who ignored their parents, are positions of power over our money and our laws... they hear the experts screaming;
"Don't do QE3! It will drive inflation, don't print more money to "inject" into the markets... it won't work!" and yet .... they still ignore them. 
The FED made a really... really bad choice ... and though they may feel like they might have made the right choice to spurn the economy forward, this was the worst move they could have made. 

They are literally living by the old adage of, "Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results...."

They are the definition of "insanity".

Here is an analogy for you on QE3;

Its like they are on a life raft (the economy) and it starts leaking, so they bail the water out, and put it in a bucket (QE1 and QE2) inside of the sinking boat instead of pouring it out... now ... the water has filled the life raft again and they are pouring it inside another bucket (QE3).   The boat is still sinking!

Here is what today's news  this means to you and I.  
Right now the Not-so-Federal Reserve is going to start buying mortgage backed securities at record levels to the tune of about 40 billion per month.

What the Not-so-Federal Reserve (NSFR henceforth) is trying to free up liquidity for the banks... they (the NSFR) think that if they can free up the money that the big banks will in turn loan out money and put it into the economy...

This will not work... in fact it is going to make things worse... they are trying to fix debt with printing money.
The reason that the past QE1 and QE2 did not work was because the banks are not and were not  finding qualified borrowers to lend money too

They are not finding people who have decent paying jobs, and disposable capitol to throw away on things like bigger homes, cars and material goods.
People don't have jobs right now! We have 86 million people out of work! 

Your main consumers of goods and services don't have the money to waste!  They are tying just to survive! Pay the bills... put food on the table.... heck they are just tying to keep their house!!!!!

All QE3 will do is free up Banks to loan money to people who probably should be saving their money not buying things they can't afford. 
Not only will QE3 also devalue our currency, it cause inflation in the long term... look at what has happened to Gas prices this year alone! Pay attention NSFR! Pay attention Mr. President! Pay attention Senators and Congress people!

This has happened in other nations before, Zimbabwe.  When your production structure fails and your unemployment climbs like ours... inflation is going to take place... they have to print more money into peoples hands to spend ... so inflation will take place as more money floods the economy. 

When you start printing that much money the consumer price index will rise!  
You, our "elected" leaders need to the root problem of the nation.  American Greed!

Our inability to be happy with what we have.  We are spending too much money!  We think of no one but our selves!

I want you to watch this video again;

Now... I realize that it says that all this happens when QE4 hits the market place.  But why wouldn't it happen now?  Gold is now up at over 1700 an ounce!

Do you  think that the rest of the world is ignoring what we are doing over here?  
How long do you think it will take for them to see the way we are  handling our check book that someday they will figure out that they will never be paid?

Yes... stocks are up, but investors have been flooding into metals .... they have been for some time!

Remember earlier last month when I told you that two of the worlds most wealthy men were dumping their stocks and getting into Gold?

They are seeing this trend... and an unlimited Non-Federal Reserve who will print as much money it needs to "shore up" an economy isn't good for anyone!

Wake up America!  Wake up and realize that as you and I go off to work, school, the gym or wherever we go in our day the "leaders" in our government are deciding our futures?  We have to stop the borrowing and stop letting our Government decide to spend our fiat money on things that will not help us!

Better yet... we have to stop them from using a currency that is worthless...!  They need to count the cost of their bad decisions!

They saw the consequences from the last two rounds of QE... why don't they speak up! Ive callled my congress persons and my state senator... I've told them they are out of line and are spending too much money on wasteful entitlements and programs.
I've told them that they will be out of a job if they continue to spend.  I've told them the fiscal cliff is coming... and they always respond the same way...,                                                                     

"Thank you Mr. Pounder for calling my office... I really appreciate your feed back.  It's good you stay well informed and we are proud to have citizens like you in our state!  I'll gladly assign someone to look into this and we'll be glad to represent you!"

Dear Senators, Congress Persons and you Mr. President,

It's time for you to start thinking through the consequences for all of our families...! It's time you felt what it was like to live paycheck to paycheck.  Its time you worry about where you next meal will come from or whether your paycheck will cover the balance of the medical bills you owe!

You are what happens when our leaders stop thinking with their minds and with their hearts and start thinking with their pocket book!

You have got to stop the madness... you have to count the costs of your actions and how it will negatively affect our people and their families. You have got to think with your hearts... stop pandering to the left or right and those who line your pockets and reach across the aisle!

I'm tell you folks... if you haven't started planning for your families long term due to "The Event" coming soon... you have got to get on the ball!

The Fed and the ECB are out of bullets to kill this monster of debt and to restart the economy!
They are not planning ahead... you have to... please start planning!  Get your food squared away... get your family squared away with God ...and start to think for yourself and do your research!   

Until next time....


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