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Monday, July 30, 2012

“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain..."

“What in the heck is going on?”

That is the number one question out of everyone’s mouth when they ask me about my commentary on this country.  The second one is, “how do I find out more?”

They just cannot wrap their mind around what they are seeing on CNN and every other main stream media news channel.  They just can’t grasp that the evil they are seeing is the new normal.

People are getting and angry about it!

But the problem is people are taking this anger out on one another and pointing their rage in the wrong direction!

The right hates the left and the left hates the right, and at the center of it all are the people who are playing both sides off of each other.  “They” like the growing dissension.  “They” like the fact that Americans are so obsessed with what people are doing on TV that they are missing what is really going on behind the scenes. 

“They” are working to put us into “The Event”, and out of the “Event” will come something terrible.

I want you to think of our society like the scene from the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy and the gang visit the Wizard in Oz.  If it wouldn’t have been for her dog, she never would have peeked behind the curtain.

As Americans we accept things at face value.  We are shovel fed the political “poop” from the stalls of the “capitol” and all we see is a just a big scary head and the fire telling us what to do and think.  We are afraid to ask challenging questions.  We are missing seeing the, “man / men / people behind the figurative “curtain”. 

We are missing seeing the ones who are controlling all of what we see and hear in the media and out of the mouths of the Government.

Today … we must talk about “Sheeple” and “Awakened People”  

Here is a quick definition for you;

“Sheeple” blindly follow anything they are told to do, say, or think.  They fall in line with the crowd and go from one pasture to the other without questioning the directions of the Sheppard for fear the sheep dog will bite their heels.  They don’t believe in anything bigger than themselves. 

When the wolves come they typically are unaware and run with the herd and sometimes that brings death or a great deal of pain.   

“Awakened” people question everything, for good reasons.  They question their faith, their leaders, their families, and their existence to make sure that they are doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing. They think independently, they act independently; they focus their endeavors on things that will benefit both their families and mankind.  They have shucked off the “wool” of the sheeple.

Here is an interesting article to read; “Welcome to the World Revolution in the Global Age of Rage”.  As you can see from the article… (yes… I know … it’s long) the author shows a very good time line for how things are beginning to ramp up on the other side of the globe in Greece. 

“Banks that were set on fire, petrol bombs were thrown at riot police, who were pepper spraying, tear gassing, and beating protesters with batons, and three people died of suffocation in one of the bombed banks.”

This really struck a chord with me probably because of my career choice and how I’ve seen things quickly become derailed here in America.  What I found disturbing was that people were blaming the banks for the issues, not the fiscal leadership!

The Sheeple were running around Greece destroying things.  These people who were getting hurt were their friends, neighbors and those who were in service to them every day! 

They threw the stones at the wrong people!

Their anger is misdirected, and needs to be refocused in the proper direction, it was not their friends or neighbors who caused the mess!  It was their Governments monetary leadership!

Just take a look at history and how when people came together something powerful was accomplished;

In 1917 Soviet Russia, the country was headed into a crisis of social, economic, and political doing (sound familiar?).

The Bolsheviks, a political party within the current government grew really angry with the sheer amount of casualties that their countrymen were experiencing due to Czar Nicholas II dragging them into WWI.

During a mass demonstration of women workers in February of 1917, the czar's officials called out the army to crush the protesters (more historical parallels). The women used logic and convinced the soldiers to use their guns for a better cause. Thus began the “February Revolution”.

Czar Nicholas II was dethroned in Russia during this, the "February Revolution." The Provisional Government was formed to replace the void left by the deposed czar. This provisional government was made up of bankers, lawyers, industrialists, and capitalists. The provisional government was very weak and failed to live up to its promise of ending Russia's involvement in the war.  

Some scholars would say that due to the fact that it was made up of “corporations” and didn’t represent the voice of the people was the reason that it failed.

They kept Russia in the war and just made things worse for themselves and for Russia.  War means good business for them (the corporations), and was not good for the people.

In early October 1917, Lenin convinced the Bolshevik Party to form an immediate insurrection against the Provisional Government. The Bolshevik leaders felt it was of the utmost importance to act quickly while they had the momentum to do so.

The armed workers known as Red Guards and the other revolutionary groups moved on the night of Nov. 6-7 under the orders of the Soviet's Military Revolutionary Committee. These forces seized post and telegraph offices, electric works, railroad stations, and the state bank.

Once the shot rang out from the Battleship Aurora, the thousands of people in the Red Guard stormed the Winter Palace. The Provisional Government had officially fallen to the Bolshevik regime. Once the word came to the rest of the people that the Winter Palace had been taken, people from all over rose and filled it. V. I. Lenin, the leader of the Bolsheviks, announced his attempt to construct the socialist order in Russia. This new government made up of Soviets, and led by the Bolsheviks. By early November, there was little doubt that the proletariats backed the Bolshevik motto: "All power to the soviets!"

Now… stop yourself for a moment… your assuming again. 

You just called me a communist in your head didn’t you?

Just so it’s official, I’m not a communist; I am free man who believes in liberty, God, and the right to make your own freedom and live in harmony with others under Gods law.

Not to live with the mentality of the communists “everyone gets the same piece of pie”.

I want you to look into the historical significance of people coming together for a common cause.  Look at what they were able to accomplish!  They changed the course of history and a country!

Yes, was it violent. Yes, people probably died. Am I advocating violence?

No.  I am not.

Am I advocating action? Yes!

But more than that, I want you will see how the Russian people decided to shuck off the mind set of being a “sheeple” became “awake” and rose up and did something about their situation.  They decided to look behind the curtain and find out who was running the country and change it!

I am not advocating or hoping to insight a rebellion in our country.  Others are all ready doing that.

What I want you to do is think about your life, your circumstances, your faith. 
Are you just a “sheeple”?

Or do you think independently of the system?  Do you see something and then ask questions to determine it roots?  Do you follow your “gut” feeling when something isn’t right?

If not, you need to start!

Don’t be a “sheeple”! When you get rid of the “wool” of being a sheeple, and you become “awake” it will help you to become more ready and will help you recognize the signs of the coming “Event”.

Until next time...


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