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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tipping the Dominos....

"Well, I'm not excusing the fact that planning and preparedness was not where it should be. We've known for 20 years about this hurricane, this possibility of this kind of hurricane...."

Micheal Chertoff

60 million people...

Isn't that number just staggering...? Just think of how many people that truly is.  That is the number of people being affected by hurricane "Sandy".

First off let me how my heart goes out to the people currently being affected by this storm and I pray that absolutely no lives are lost.  Since I have written this article I have found that to not be true.

 No one should have to pass in a storm. But I am afraid because it is now estimated that 1/4 of those people have zero emergency supplies, and 8 + million people are without power.

Please donate what you can... do what you can to help them.

But there are some important lessons to learn here;

I want you here on the west coast to put yourselves in these people's shoes for a moment;  

Imagine you have the same size family you have now... but you now live in one of the most densely populated areas of the country. You rely on mass travel for most of your transportation needs.. getting to work... school for the kids... and your grocery shopping.
Sure ... you own a car... but haven't used or started it in 2 years...

Then... you see the news...  you hear the announcements... you get the knock at the door from the firemen...

You haven't prepared. 

You race to the store... in a car that you needed gas in just like everyone else... and then you get there and this is what you see;

This is a real image of Food-town in Middleton New Jersey on Sunday October 28.  You can click on it but I wanted it to be big and bold so everyone can see it.  

Do you see what is left?

Hardly anything!  

You race to the next store... and see this...

This is also from New Jersey on Sunday...

Do these two pictures just put a pit in your stomach when you see them? 

Imagine the parent in the story, imagine what they might be feeling right about now... they have limited food... probably very limited gasoline... and now... no emergency supplies... and now ... they have no power with cold temperatures...
I don't know about you ... but this is an absolutely scary thought for me.... I have little ones... I know what it is like to be down to your last dime and only have two slices of bread and six sandwiches to make... but that is why I changed my lifestyle to make sure this would never happen again!

I can't stress enough that "Sandy" could quite possibly be a huge factor to pushing America into "The Event".  
Remember what I first told you;

Think about it... The Event is a three legged stool, and the east coast provides us with many items we need to make our economy function; here are some big factors that could come into play. Could it tip the dominos and start the reaction that could trigger "The Event"?

There is the Government for one... which is currently shut down due to the storm. I haven't seen any word yet what departments are open today or not.

Yes...I know they truly don't count... but don't forget... Social Security, Food Stamps, Medicare control all originate out of the Maryland and New York area... if those presses are damaged due to water... we are almost near the first and third of next month... just imagine what would happen if those checks don't make it on time...

The Federal Reserve Bank has a headquarters in downtown Manhattan, and the basement is where the gold... if there is any left... is held. The other part of their operations is in D.C.  This could cause some issues with fiat funds being moved through different channels... but currently ... the stock market is closed.

A three legged stool cannot stand with a broken leg, and right now ... the legs of the East Coast are about to be kicked out from underneath it. 

But this just brings again the discussion around why people should prepare and have food and other supplies on hand. 

In my post, "Mom always told you to put on clean underwear" I detailed out the first steps you can take to protect you and your family from these types of events. In that post I discussed India's current situation with their loss of power and the 600 million people who were affected.  

This time, things are hitting way to close to home. 
Things are very bad for our friends and family who are in the Tri-State area.  But believe it or not... its not the initial storm that is going to cause issues... it is what comes after.  

The long days of rebuilding.... cleaning up... the poor living clean water and limited sanitation options.

But I am concerned on a greater level... what if this is the domino that starts "The Event?  

Think about it for a moment...

Major financial markets close... banks are closed, grocery stores can't get supplies due to weather damage... major power outages, and limit to clean water and finally groups of people who are already talking about looting post storm... it happened after Katrina, and this is a much much bigger storm.

This is a recipe for dare I say ... W.R.O.L.  We have 7 million people without power... without food... without potentially .... law and order.

How easy would it be for the Government to step in and declare some type of limited Martial Law?  We are already "under a state of emergency - (see link read, "The second dot)" so the NDAA is active and live, why wouldn't they use it?

Its disturbing... who knows what is going to come out of this?

The above quote that I started today's post with was from now disgraced FEMA chief Micheal Chertoff after FEMA horrendously failed after hurricane Katrina in the earlier part of this decade

My point is this.... they are / were the professions at this. They had an unlimited budget and unlimited supplies and yet again ... they couldn't help everyone... in fact... many people died as a result of their incompetence.
The Government didn't help them. 

You have to be responsible for you!  Sure you cannot prepare for everything... but you can improve your current situation so that if something weren't going to happen.. you and your family wouldn't be a statistic.

I can't say or repeat that message enough.  You watch... over the next 72 hours... we will hear horror stories of death, violence with some heroism sprinkled in... this area was not ready for a storm like this... the authorities were not ready for a storm like this... the culture of preparedness just wasn't there.

They waited too long...

I pray that God protects everyone and sees them through this safely and without that area of the country spiraling out of control.

We cannot do anything now but sit back and watch as this all unfolds, but use this opportunity to inspire you to make your family ready.  I don't care if you start with a 72 hour kit and work out from there.  

But for heavens sake... start somewhere!  

Until next time...


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