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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Unbalanced Scales

“When you are in deep conflict about something, sometimes the most trivial thing can tip the scales.”

Ethel Merman

What if this was your annual household budget?


What if this was what you spent?

What if you had a credit card... and you used it.... a lot?


What if you only cut this from your budget?


Pretty crazy huh? It just doesn't make any fiscal sense at all huh?  Your probably saying ... "why would anyone run their household budget that way?"  Their bank balance would be in the red all the time!

But .... Did these numbers look familiar to you? 

If not they should… add nine zeros to each one and you have the current budget of the Federal Government;

U.S. TAX REVENUE: $2,170,000,000,000
FED BUDGET: $3,820,000,000,000
NEW DEBT: $1,650,000,000,000
NATIONAL DEBT: $14,271,000,000,000
RECENT BUDGET CUTS: $38,500,000,000

Does something seem extremely unbalanced in this?  Does it just make you sick to see that type of debt hanging over our countries head?

As I have watched over the past year since my awakening in November of 2011 I have seen all type of things that have caused me to be greatly concerned for the future of our world and our nation, however the number one thing that continues to make me so incredibly frustrated is when I see people just ignore the major problem of our monetary debt in this country.

Last week... while watching the vice presidential debates, I was once again severely disappointed by the unbalanced approach to it.

Once again they failed to address the real issues.

Yes... I do believe that Paul Ryan did the better job.  He was cool, calm and collected.

Yes... I feel that Biden came across as an old angry man who just yells at people to stay off his lawn.

Yes ... I do believe that Martha Raditz had something against Paul Ryan and should have bowed out due to her connection to the President and the conflict of interest.

I stand firmly in the belief that neither Candidate won the debate.  They never debated the true issue facing this country.  The incredible weight of the mounting fiscal debt.

Sure... Paul Ryan said a blip about it toward the end of the debate... the comment of ... Was it a good idea to borrow all this money from countries like China?''... was a good start to the discussion,  but he needed push it.  He needed to keep going! 

He needed to address the fact that the debt should be fixed above all else... The debt will be a huge contributing factor or the tipping point of the scales into The Event.

Without fixing the debt... we have nothing! We can't pay for Social Security, Medicare, or even salaries!

Now I have been chastised in the past about accusing our leaders of being complete incompetent idiots who don’t have this country’s best in mind.  I have become a pariah and I've accepted it.  But I still don’t understand why the people of this country continue to  feel the need to continue to protect them!  

In the past 25 years, our leaders have done nothing good for us!  Nothing!

Name one good, solid piece of legislation that has come out of Washington that hasn't limited our freedoms or taken away our rights....?  

They (our leaders) continue to tip the scales in their favor and tell us that it is "for our own protection". They do it with the money, the judicial system, or nations security and even our food.

They have to have accountability, and right now they have nothing to stop them!

We can’t continue to ignore what they are doing and what we are spending as a nation!  It is close to 50k a second in debt!

I had the opportunity last week to speak with a local owner / broker of a securities company here in town and the conversation about made me wretch.

As I listed to him talk about the state of the nation and his current business I was appalled by the fact that he couldn't give a flying fig about his clients feelings or well being. 

He was all about the money.

Because I had some time left in my meeting with him, I wanted to see how far down in the pit of fallibility he would really go.

I posed the question to him.... "Do you hate greed?"  

His response was this...."Greed is my business... people always want more money... I want more money.. you should want more money.... So no... I like greed."

At this point I politely ended the conversation and left the meeting.

He is what is wrong with America. 

He is the representation of why The Event will happen and why it is beginning to happen in other countries.... greed drives evil.

We have to stop being greedy and begin to focus on helping each other for what is about to come!

I can just picture the emails now..., "Jay... but is it wrong to want to have a good life, and a savings for the future?"

No... there is nothing wrong with having a solid amount of savings, two running paid off cars, food for your children and you and a home that will keep you warm and dry.

But to care less for another human beings future well being, just so you can live a few more moments of pleasure is just evil and sinful.

Look at what is happening over seas;

Spain is weeks away from collapse as well as Greece saying they are going to be 100% out of money by the end of November.  Both of these countries spent absurd amounts of money to pay for entitlements, and now their people are having to dig through trash cans for food!

They never had a balanced budget approach to their fiscal health.  Many lived lavish lifestyles... borrowed money they couldn't repay and worked less and felt entitled to more... they are entering "The Event"...
Sweden is preparing for the Euro collapse…they know that on the horizon are some very terrible times...

The leadership of the US needs to seriously look at the example that Europe is setting for us. 

A better part of Europe is in big, big financial trouble and the other part is working to try and avoid economic collapse like the plague but they probably won’t.  

Please, please your eyes away from the mainstream media and focus again with what is going on in this country.

Things are not getting better! In fact the main stream press will lie to you to tell your different; even big companies like FedEx are getting ready to position themselves for a severe economic event!

Big companies know that this severe economic event will crush their companies and close their doors... they think their only hope is to limit their amount of salaries they are paying in the hopes that using that working capital will possibly keep them going. 

They (the mainstream press) is doing everything they can to paint a picture that all is rosy… they say the home builders market is up… they say that the amount of people filing for unemployment is down… they say we are in a recovery.  

We need to embrace the challenges that lie ahead of us!  We need to begin to prepare our selves for the sacrifices we will need if we are going to survive as a nation.

If not... There will not be a USA to speak of when it is over....

No one in a position of power who is worth their salt is looking at the coming Event and moving with any urgency.

We are 16,000,000,000 (trillion) dollars in the hole!  This is staggering.  The scales are starting to tip in a direction what we are not going to recover from.

We have some incredibly challenges times ahead of us.  The Event will change the face of humanity... it will cause use to fall back to valuing what is important; God, Family... basic necessities.

As I re-enforce to you constantly... please prepare your families... do your research... think for yourselves... Get right with God... and to begin to plan ahead for your families....

Together with the strength of God we can get through this... but only if you open your mind.

Until next time....


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