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Monday, April 1, 2013

Hard Conversations....

"Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups..."

- George Carlin

Watching the coming car wreck of the The Event can sometimes be funny... yes... that's right funny.

I know that the thought of having something major economic, environmental or political happen can bring fear to the heart of even the most brave of person, but there are moments of true levity in all of this if you look for them.

Take this bit for instance.  I ran across this video today and it absolutely helped me to put things into perspective.

I find it highly ironic because by trade I am a banker.. yup an "evil" banker.  So I can highly relate to the personal banker ... but on the other end of the spectrum... I loath this banker for what he does in the end.

We should all loath that banker... because it is bankers that in the end have caused us be in the financial position that we are in this country.

"Why do you stay in the career?" .... because it keeps me on the inside...! I can see and hear things that I can use to protect people.  I have seen "The Event" coming for sometime time... I want to make sure as many people are saved as possible!

So... back to the comedy....Yes... I know that the video is an analogy for where we are at in this county... but you really don't know how close to the truth this video comes.  People come an ask for money they don't need all the time... but this isn't about the people who come see the bankers... its about the bankers who loan the money to the Government and how the Government is too stupid for its own good.

Stupidity is funny.

Take this headline for example... "Congress tries to beat new shutdown deadline" the gist of the article talks about how the Democrats are going to pass a bill through their controlled Senate and do their best to have a "Stop Gap" measure to prevent the Government from shutting down...

One tiny little problem... the "Stop Gap" bill is more like another blank check, their are spending provisions for  $154 million in Pentagon alternative energy research funding, $120 million for infrastructure improvements in Guam, and $65 million for Pacific coast salmon restoration... So.. is this really the way to way to "stop the bleeding" by spending more.  If your cut... you sew the cut shut and put pressure on the wound to stop the bleeding... not let it flow freely.  The veins of this nation are open and blood are flowing freely... it is only a matter of time before the life is drained and it is dead!

I find it hysterical that they can't get anything done...

They don't get it!  Neither side wants a resolution... because of their need for greed and power they will continue to prevent the other side from trying something that probably wont work... yet they won't work together to prevent the inevitable...

The very real possibility of an economic collapse of the American currency. 

These continuing resolutions are a terrible way to try and solve the problem... it drives us further into debt all while allowing more political posturing and putting off the hard conversation that they need to have with each other and the American people.

We need to face our debt and the fact that we have no more money to pay our bills.

You see, people only seem to like confrontation when it has nothing to do with their business.  We as Americans will stick out noses into other countries business, we will meddle with their Governments, Medical Care, Human Rights violations, and Military affairs... but we fail every time in facing out own problems.
We need to cut the budget... deep bloody cuts that will remove huge amounts of debt in the future! 

We don't have time any more to discuss what to do!

We have to act now... your Senators and Congress people need to act now!  If they don't the consequences will be absolutely dire! 

This is a dangerous precedent to set... if this goes forward... the worldwide Central banks will have Cart Blanche to just levy a "tax" against any debtor nation... I knew it would come to this point.  It had to ... things have broken down so quickly and so fast in Europe ... they don't have a way out... this "tax" won't fix the problem.  The people are down right pissed that their government would do this to them...As they should be ... but shame on them!

The Cyprins never spoke up!  They kept allowing socialism to prevail instead of allowing logic, reason and good financial sense to fight back and keep their country from becoming a place where their monies would be stolen from them in the name of saving the Government.

Imagine if you will that happening here!  What if tomorrow the President decided to take a massive bailout from the Federal Reserve to keep the country running... oh wait... we do that every year to the tune of 1,000,000,000,000.00 every year... but what if "We the People" had to begin to pickup the tab.   

What if the President came on TV and said that tomorrow all Americans would have to pay a "tax" in the form of a levy to payback the Federal Reserve.  Do you know what this country would do to itself?

It would tear itself apart ... ATM's would be empty in hours.  The Government would declare a bank Holiday just like they are doing in Cyprus because Americans would descend on their banks and empty them in hours... ATM's would be remotely shut down because of a lack of funds and debit cards could quite possibly be shut down.

But it wouldn't stop there... money would cease to flow in the system... companies couldn't pay their workers because they couldn't access their money...

There would be riots... there would be civil unrest... and DHS is getting ready for it.... because they know what is coming.
Grocery stores couldn't pay their bills because they couldn't access their money, food wouldn't make it to shelves...a general break down in services would take place.. garbage service wouldn't take place because there wouldn't be fuel for trucks.. utility services would begin to stop as power companies couldn't pay their bills to their suppliers...

It would be bad... but the truth is... we aren't far off of that!  If we can't fix out debt we will end up just like Greece and Cyprus with Italy, Spain and France to soon follow!

Folks... the economy is in shambles ... and no one is willing to fix it... the blame game must stop if we even have a fighting chance!

Make sure your family is ready!

Until next time....


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