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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Choosing to Ignore the Truth...

"We should be very afraid... The recovery has been fueled by an egregious flood of phony money from the Federal Reserve and the bubble will burst leading to an era of zero sum austerity and virulent political conflict.”

- David Stockman, Former Budget Director under President Ronald Regan

Life is truly about choices

Good ones or bad ones... it is the choices you make right now that will make or break your future.

Recently, I have been into a 10 book series called "299 Days" by an author named Glen Tate, it is a really well done albeit a bit bid idealistic about how much money the main character spends for his readiness supplies.

I feel that Mr. Tate has a excellent grip on the economy and must have an insiders perspective on the money being spent by the State of Washington and the US because as the story progresses along... he hits the nail on the head.

I think the biggest impact I felt from the book so far has been the reaction from the main characters wife.

She refuses to see the truth of what is happening in the economy, and during several discussions between the main character and her she tells him to shut up and stop talking about what is going on...

I'm not going to spoil it for you but later on in the book this choice to ignore what is going on plays a huge role and impacts the story line.  She wants to choose to live with her blinders on to how the world around her is crumbling and changing forever. 

It's the choice to not to listen to the truth that will adversely affect your family. Its the choice to not look around and see the signs that the economy is getting ready to take a massive nose dive that will cause you great heartache should you choose not to do something about it.

Every day I choose to get up, put my feet on the cold wood floor and look for other ways to bring you the reader the news that will help you and your family survive "The Event".  

Remember, "The Event" is man made... it is our choices that will drive us to fail economically, politically or environmentally.  

The problem with choices is that sometimes people never seem to learn from them at all... take this little nugget for example, "Wells Fargo Gives 15,000.00 in down payment assistance" 

Now, I understand why Wells would want to offer a down payment to an "economically depressed" area ... but they are just making the same choices... They are borrowing money from the Fed at interest... and giving it away... to people who more than likely will default on the mortgage that goes along with the free money...

Did we learn absolutely nothing during 2008 ... this move killed WaMu!  This move about killed Fanny and Freddy!

Nothing changes... the poor choices repeat themselves... an no one learns..

Here is a more modern poor choice that has recently happened, "The Irish Savers Have Just Been "Cyprus'd".  While I have not always been an avid reader of, but I found this article to be especially interesting because the main stream media in America will not be carrying this story. 

I would imagine if they showed how Irish bond holders had their money completely taken away from them after having their savings traded for bonds... people here would probably freak out and begin to pull their money from their banks on the basis that yes... someday what has happened to Cyprus and Ireland and soon to be Spain and Greece will happen to us! You cannot spend, and spend and spend and expect to never have to pay the piper!

I know the thing that I keep coming back to time and time again today is the choices that we in America are making that really aren't improving our economy, but it is the most likely scenario out of the that I have outlined in very first post!

Again the Government is going to spend their way into a corner, then tell people that they have to pick up the bill, then find out that the citizens can't pay the bill and then offer to pay for the bill themselves with money borrowed from the FED that was freshly printed!  Then if you don't buy their special insurance... you will be penalized..and the money will be moved back to the FED.


I have said before that the cuts we need to make to medicare, social security and all entitlement programs have to be immediate and permanent.  There cannot be any debate about "when" it needs to take place, it has to happen now... better yet... yesterday.

My readers... time is of the essence now... remember where our debt is?  How it grows by $50,000 per second.  Did they really belive that a spending to sequestor ratio of 2.387% was going to make a difference in a $16.8 trillion dollar deficiet?

I know you are currently distracted with what happened last week... but like I said... they are using that do change your focus on living in fear, and being reliant on them for your well-being.

Continue to research for yourself ... read what I post... heck, share it if you think that it is relevant.  But I want you to decide for yourself and wake up to the fact that "The Event" approaches each day one step at a time.

You can prepare for what is to come... you can make the choice to make sure your heart is right with God, your family is well fed and your focus is on the Constitution.

Until next time...


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