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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Playing Zone “Offense”….

“If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”
-          George Washington
I am so offended!

How many times have you said that over this past year?  

Was it a news story that made you mad? Did someone in your life make you mad?   

How about politics?  That one always seems to set folks off.

So… did you do anything about it? Did you call your favorite government official to voice your concern?  Did you attend a rally to support the opposing cause?

Or did you sit back on your lazy American butt,  feel angry, complain to your friend and just then go on with life?

You see… we have a big problem in America.  We have conditioned ourselves to just be mad and then get on with it because it is too hard to “face our problems”. The Event is coming because we didn't face our problems when we had the chance.

There are very few of us any more in America that believe that through confrontation of hard issues we will gain any ground.  "We the People” have been taught to not ask questions, to believe what the mainstream media tells us and to just accept it.   

Really ….?

A free speech “zone”?

What’s next? 

Are we going to tell people that they now the constitution is only applicable in certain areas of the country?  Or how about this; it is only valid on the third Tuesday of every other month on a leap year? 

This is the most absurd ruling I have ever heard coming from the Government.  Our whole country is a free speech zone.

That is how it was founded and needs to remain.

I repeat, the entire USA is a free speech zone!  We may not always like what people have to say, but we sure as heck better make sure that we would protect it! It is what our founders bled and died for. 

This story may be saddening and just plain stupid, but unfortunately,  it is a sign of the times.  

In my post, “You have to make a choice…” I wrote about the dangerous NDAA executive order and law and, how damaging this new security approach to our country.

As a follow up, I have had multiple readers email me and ask what I think would quantify as a “potential threat” to our nation. 

Last month, I would have told them that the threat would be something outside our country that would threaten the peace and stability of the USA.   My assessment has changed.  

With the false flag shooting in Aurora and now the most recent one in Wisconsin, I fully believe our threat is coming from both within and outside our nation.  Someone / Some group is now using domestic terrorism as well as the potential war coming in Iran to give our Government what they need to begin the push for a stronger “Military State” inside our supposed “free" country.

We have to acknowledge that we are seeing a bigger presence of Military on American soil and that is a violation of the Posse Comitatus act of 1878.

Here are some facts for you to chew on; 

August 7th 2012 - US Military to run drills with Armored Vehicles in Wisconsin

July 30th 2012 - The DHS buys additional riot gear ahead of Republican and Democratic Conventions.

April 10th 2012 – The DHS puts in an ammo proposal request for 450 million rounds of ammunition to be bid on.  The contract is filled by ATK.

April 10th 2012 – The DHS puts in a request for an unknown number of Bullet Proof shelters.  The contract is filled by Shelters Direct

Ongoing - Military drills are beginning to increase in major populations zones.  Worcester, Wisconsin, Hollywood.

Ongoing - "Rex 84" (Readiness Exercise 1984) written by Oliver North is brought out and dusted off.  The plan is a military "how to" manual in quelling civil disturbances and implementing Martial Law.  Operation "Garden Plot" documents surface, the military denies they exists.

November 29th 2011 - Drones ok'd for use on American soil to patrol.  

Ongoing - The US Military begins hiring for an "Interment / Resettlement Specialist".  This position is to be used at FEMA Government facilities throughout the Country.

The DHS / Government is building up to something very big.  They are getting ready for civil unrest and or serious riots in the wake of "The Event" taking place.  We have never seen this type of increase in domestic military spending or request for equipment.

I told you when I began writing this blog that "The Event" contains several pieces.

What you have to realize America, is that we are now seeing all of the pieces starting to beginning to fall together.

We are seeing the Political nature of The Event unfolding with the build up with DHS supplies and weapons. 

We are seeing the Economic factor play out with the horrible economy and incredibly bad financial decisions the countries leadership has been making,

Finally the environmental portion is coming into view as well with the most destructive drought we have seen since the great depression.

Just like a kaleidoscope, all is coming into focus but it is very a very chaotic scene.

You have got to tell your friends, neighbors and family that things are going change very soon in this country.

Keep your eyes open and if you see things... send them my way... I'll gladly post them here for folks to read and pass on.

Together we can survive "The Event".


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