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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Time is ticking away...quickly

“Today, the rich are the haves and the poor are the have-nots. Tomorrow, the rich will be the have-food and the poor will be the have-not food.”

- Bill Gaede


Wars are fought over it and lives were ruined because of it.

It causes fevers, allergic reactions, madness and it is in almost every electronic on the planet, and today the Chinese are making a bid to buy 6000 metric tons of it. 

This is huge.  They want to buy more gold than the actual annual global production of gold.  Why would they do this? 

It is a sign that the major governments of Asia, and the B.R.I.C (Brazil, Russia, India and China) Nations are getting ready to try and make the attempt to make the Chinese Yuan as the reserve currency of the world.  Sure the B.R.I.C nations all use their own currency to trade between themselves right now, but when the rubber meets the road, I'm sure the Chinese will be quite convincing to get everyone to move to their currency.

What does this have to do with us?

Well.. it is pointing the way that the world is loosing their faith in the almighty US dollar. 

It's not just the Chinese that are positioning themselves for "The Event". Two of the worlds most wealthy men, George Soros and Jacob Rothschild are also hedging their bets on physical gold too.  These men who have made their money on the backs of us all are seeing the signs that "The Event" is very, very close.  They know that gold and silver is a proven time tested currency that always holds up against economic downturn.

They are dumping their stocks and getting into gold.

Now... is gold the answer to the coming problem?

No... absolutely not...!  Greed is a major part of this coming crisis.  Greed helped to create "The Event".

So.. let me ask you a question?  Have you heard any of this in the "mainstream" media?

No... no you haven't!

Why would two of the richest men in the world want you to know that they are getting out of the stock market and putting their monies in to gold?  Remember what I told you in "Pay No Attention to the Man behind the Curtain?  We are so focused on fighting each other that we are missing out on what is really going on!  The very rich and powerful are making moves that will protect them and their families all while we are fighting about chicken sandwiches and gay marriage.

To those of you who read this blog, please, please begin to talk to your friends and families.  We are running out of time! 

Yes I do feel like a broken record sometimes but I can't stop now... lives are in the balance.  The leaders of this country and those who control the money have all received word that they cannot count on each other for help. Just look at this headline; The Government Tells Banks to Prepare for Collapse.  Read the source and decide for yourself that our own Government is planning for the worst.

Yes... our own Government has been telling the banks to prepare for it!  They have been telling the banks, and not you and I!

They have seen the writing on the wall and know that very soon that because the IOU's that the Fed / We owe will absolutely cripple us soon.  It is widely know that many, many Wall Street insiders are getting ready for something big.

This is why you need to begin to refocus your family on getting prepared.  I want you once again about what you do in your daily life if things began to go wrong?

What will you do the day your debit card no longer works?

What will you do when you cannot buy any more groceries for your kids?

What will you do when the power goes out and no longer comes back on?

You see, when the currency collapse take place not only will it De-evolove society back to its most basic form of commerce.  We will have to barter and trade for goods and services, but it will also greatly impact infrastructure as well.

Think about it...

When your gas company has to deliver the gas to your house, they have to buy it from somewhere else right?

What if the gas company doesn't have any money to pay for the gas they buy? No gas heat, or gas oven for you and your family.  How will you cook?

What about power?  It has to be bought from somewhere too! If there isn't any power to the water plant, how will they be able to deliver water to your home through pressurized water pipes? No clean water.  No drinking water.  No electricity, no heat.

How about the grocery store?  If there isn't any fuel to be had, or power to keep things refrigerated, how long will you be able to buy your groceries?  Even the American Truckers Association knows that when the trucks stop... the food stops!

You have got to think your lifestyle through.   You have got to get off the "stuff" focus and get your mind refocused on things that will help your family.

The Event will not have mercy on you.

The Event will not hear your cries of pain or anguish in the night when you are freezing cold.

The Event will not hear your children's belly rumble when they ask you for food.

You will hear all of this.  You will know that you let your family down and didn't prepare!

People, you have to listen to me!  You have to know that something is horribly, horribly wrong!  The leadership of this nation has used their God given free will to make some terrible decisions!

Why do they get to speak for me? Or make terrible decisions on our behalf? 

It wasn't because I voted them in!

I didn't tell them to not use gold to back our currency.  It wasn't me who told them to allow millions of Americans to make a lifestyle out of Welfare!  It wasn't me to who told them it was ok for us to have a war that would never end!

But my voice alone doesn't matter!  We have to bind our voices together!  We have to begin to let our elected officials know that we are severely unhappy with their actions, and how they are representing us.

They will help lead us either through "The Event" or watch as millions of people die during it.

You can change your future and prepare as "The Event" approaches.  We may not be able to stop it, but we certainly can warn family, friends and people we love about it...

Until next time...



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