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Sunday, August 5, 2012

You are not special…

America… here is ugly truth… you are not special. 

You are not better than anyone else.  There is nothing you can do better than anyone else. 

Everyone is just like you.

You are not faster, smarter, prettier, or more special in the eyes man and God.

But somehow you still think so.

Check this video out... 

Depressing huh?  This young ladies parents are doing her a huge disservice.  By telling her that she is good at what she is doing is actually really, really bad for her.  It is a false sense of hubris.  

I can't help but just cringe while I listen to this.  She is absolutely butchering an important piece of our history, and her parents think this is just wonderful and special.  


But I can't blame her. It was her Dad or Mom that decided that this is a good "confidence" builder.  "Your voice is soooo wonderful dear ... Please sing the National Anthem in front of thousands of people!  A talent scout will see you for sure!"

They were so, so wrong. 

Not everyone is special, not everyone gets a trophy. But why do we feel the need to give one to anyone who breathes, eats and poops? 

Not everyone is a winner! Sometimes we lose. Sometimes we are just who we are.  

Some times we are just average Americans who put one foot in front of the other each day.  

There will be people who dont revolutionize the world, don't create a vaccine for cancer, don't create personal jet packs, and don't create a pill that can magically make you loose weight.  Some times you are just "you" and not someone special. 

But we as Americans think too much of ourselves.
I love this comic by the Oatmeal…. He is an absolute genius, and absolutely right on with his social interpretation of who we think we are as Americans.

Is it crude and inappropriate?  Yes.  So I’ve edited a bit for my audience.

Would I recommend this for everyone? No… but does it get the point across?  Yes, yes it does.

We Americans think we are better than everyone else in the world and we are dead wrong. 

We aren’t.  We are not better than anyone.  

A while back I was referred to watch this great commencement speech done by a teacher back east.  It is brilliant.

I think that every junior hight, high school, every college, heck, every grade school, VO/TEC and kindergarden should read this to their students.

The Parents arn't doing the job these days... so who does that leave to try and straighten out our kids?

Americans are proud.  Americans think too much of themselves. Americans are anti-American! 

Do you think George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson would have given two bits about the hot button issues we are currently dealing with?


They had bigger fish / chicken to fry! :-) Freedom, liberty, tyranny is what they delt in.  

Not "Keeping up with the Kardashians"! Not the Olympics! Not who's wearing what the Oscars! Not who is going to be America's next top model and fierce they are!

Not this trivial garbage that we keep hearing about day in an day out!

Remember America… the higher you are the on the ladder.  The further the fall and harder the hit you will experience!  "The Event" is going to be our fall and our experience!

It’s time for us to become humble again.  It’s time for us to let go of the hubris we know and feel and decide to shut our mouths and listen!

Things are going to get bad.  You know it and I know it.

We have to many people who are living for themselves!  Selfishness is running rampant.  We are too reliant on the Government for our "trophy" we get each month.  We like it.  It is our safety blanket.  We are proud of it.

But our Government, like bad parents who tell us that we are winners are doing things like this; telling the USDA to throw parties where they invite people from the neighborhoods around their offices to tell them to join up and get on food stamps!

I can just hear it now, "Come on down to the USDA office!  The Government thinks your a winner and wants to reward you with free food, yes, yes... we know we can't afford it ... but dog gone it... Your a winner... come on ... take the food and rely on us!"

Its the sickness of hubris that is affecting the American people!

We also have stories like this.  Meet Amanda Clayton.  She won the lottery earlier this year and decided to stay on the food stamps she gets each month because she has two houses.  She won a million dollars. 

A million dollars!  She could have paid off both houses, hired someone to watch her kids, and gone to work!  But instead she held onto her pride, and decided to be selfish and continue to look for her trophy each month in the form of a food stamps card!

We have to stop this madness!  

We have to decide to work for everyone's best interest!  "The Event" is coming and if we are not all in this together, it will be worse for everyone! 

This is our country.  We will shape its future!  "The Event" is coming.   

Its time to plan to survive it and not just drown in it. 


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