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Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Rising Tide of Anger...

"Angry people are not always wise."

Jane Austin 

Your going to hear me say something that I never thought I would say...

I hope you haven't turned off your T.V.  I hope your paying very close attention to what has been going on over in the mid-Atlantic coast.

The aftermath has started. 

But not only that... Anger is building in this country.  Its building about fuel prices, a two party political system, its building about life costing too much.  Its building because people are generally unhappy about life as a whole...

They are no longer satisfied with what they have and they are angry...

It’s undeniable. 

But right now the anger is now most prevalent on the eastern sea board where thousands of people are getting ready to run out of fuel, food and water.

It is a nightmare scenario... it is one of the worst things I have seen come to this country in my short life, and I wouldn't wish it upon anyone... families with children are affected... and as a parent...I a especially have a very soft spot for kids who suffer.   No child should ever have to suffer because of the decision of their parents. 

But now… they are and from this video... it is heartbreaking. 

Some of these people did none of that… they ignored the warnings… and now… it is getting ready to explode over there like the gas fumes that they are coasting into the gas stations on.

Here are some of todays head lines;

Think about it.... what if you were in New York / New Jersey... How does this compare to your life…?

What if tomorrow I told you that a week from now a storm of un-imaginable size was going to descend on your country / state / town?  What steps would you take to prepare for it?

So ... what really has spurned the anger of these people?

It is the fact that they have relied on others for so long to provide them what they to survive or earn a living, and now... it has severely impacted them to the fact that they cannot get where they need to go ... or get the things they need to survive.

But let's step back and look at this from a bigger perspective.

We as a nation are un-prepared for what is coming at us...

If we have begun to learn anything from this crisis in the tri-state area ... it is that we need to be ready for when "The Event" comes.

Ponder that for a moment...

Imagine if this crisis weren't based on weather... imagine if it was our currency imploding.  Hurricane "Sandy" is just a taste of what we will see...

Imagine for a moment that in the wake of Sandy the Government decides to do a stimulus bill that would pour more money into the cities and towns on the mid-Atlantic to the estimated tune of 50 billion dollars... now... where might that money come from...? Well once again... the Government borrows money from the Fed at a cost who then either lends or gives it to communities to help them recover...

The election passes and a new puppet is elected and now we approach the fiscal cliff.  They can't decide what to do the right won't let the left raise taxes and the left wont cave to the right on spending... they decide to once again raise the debt ceiling by another 5 billion dollars... to 21,000,000,000,000 (billion) dollars, just to "keep things running" or until they find a solution and pass a balanced budget amendment.

The world has had enough... or enemies have been watching from afar and finally decide to make a move.

China, Japan, Russia, Saudi Arabia... Dubai and other various nations decide to finally hit us while we are on our knees... so they decide that our currency is no longer good as the reserve trade currency of the world... our credit is no longer good to purchase oil... and any an all loans we have out standing... are now called.

This would cause unbelievable amounts of chaos.  The country would not survive the night.  In fact it would make the "sandy" aftermath look like a walk in the part on a sunny day.

But here is the reality... we are close to that...  the fiscal cliff and economic collapse are and could be a reality soon.  Our leaders... show you that they have the best intention for our great nation. 

I assure you... they don't.

All they want is votes, power and to borrow and spend money as recklessly as possible to continue the illusion that all is well.

Nelson Mandella once said, "Unlike some politicians... I can admit to mistakes." and famed French General Charles De Gaulle said, "Politics is to serious a matter to be left to politicians.."

I think both of these men knew that politicians are bad for their countries... we need real people... not career politicians... or incredibly wealthy Americans to run this nation.

Neither will be able to lead us in the right direction.

We need real grounded people who are willing to make some incredibly hard choices to run this nation.  We need people who don't care about being popular, or worried about getting votes all the time.  We need someone who is going to tell the special interest groups to get lost.

We need someone who is willing to make the tough choices on social entitlements, to make the tough decisions on our relationships with countries like Iran, Iraq, and Syria.

We need someone who will work to lead this country through what is coming and what comes after.

Here is my final thought.

I love this picture.

Because it is the true interpretation of what goes on in Washington even after an election where people come together to elect someone.

You see... both sides have to admit that the ground is racing at them... and we cannot pull out of this dive...

The debt is real... the anger is real... the danger to our country is real.

You need to plan for your family... because they are not.  Don't be a family who has to dig through a dumpster for their emergency plan.

Until next time....