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Friday, November 30, 2012

"Give em the razzle dazzle!"

"A national political campaign is better than the best circus ever heard of, with a mass baptism and a couple of hangings thrown in."
H. L. Mencken

There is a song in the musical "Chicago" that starts of with these words...

Give 'em the old razzle dazzle
Razzle Dazzle 'em
Give 'em an act with lots of flash in it
And the reaction will be passionate
Give 'em the old hocus pocus
Bead and feather 'em
How can they see with sequins in their eyes?

What if your hinges all are rusting?
What if, in fact, you're just disgusting?

Razzle dazzle 'em
And they;ll never catch wise!
The song is all about distracting people from the truth.  My wife loves this sound track and plays it every so often at our house, and every time this song comes on all I can think of is how the politics in our country are just like the words of this song.

Unbeliveable... but true. 

You see the politics in this country have de-evolved to the point that they use distraction as a method of getting you to be ok with the choices they are making for you.  Think of it this way.... have you ever tried to distract one of your kids while playing with them?

When you hold the ball / toy in front of their eyes... and then tickle them for fun with the other hand... they never see it comeing huh?

Well... the same goes for the American public...  they hold the entitlement / service / issue of the day out in front of you by way of the liberal media... and with the other hand they are about to sign a bill that would cause some serious loss of freedoms.  They promise all sorts of things all while planning to go back on those promises as soon as the election is over...

Take HR 2471 for example...I wrote to you all on November 20th to lay out some language you could use to write to your own represenatives about how damaging this legislation could have been to your fourth amemendment (unlawful search and seziure) right.  I hope you all took my advice and sent letters / emails as well.

Well today.... I got a response... and belive me... my represenative was attempting to pull the old "razzle dazzle" on me...

Here was Congressmen Cathy McMorris-Rogers Response;

"Dear Mr. Pounder:
Thank you for contacting me regarding H.R. 2471, an act clarifying consumer informed, written consent disclosure requirement for video providers. It is an honor to represent the people of Eastern Washington and I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with me.
Under current law, if video service providers would like to disclose consumer show and video preferences, they are required to get a physical, written consent statement from consumers authorizing that disclosure. However, as more consumers are using internet video service providers, like Hulu, Google, and Netflix, among others, it is increasingly difficult for these providers to obtain a physical copy of that consent form. I supported H.R. 2471, which passed the House on December 6, 2011 by a vote of 303-116. H.R 2471 updates federal law to allow groups to obtain an electronic copy of this disclosure form from consumers, should they choose to publicly release their preferences, and allows consumers to opt out of this agreement at any time to protect their privacy.
Thank you again for contacting me on this important issue. As your Representative in Congress, I am committed to putting the best interests of Eastern Washington first. I invite you to visit my website at for additional information or to sign up for my e-newsletter. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of further assistance.

Best Wishes, 
Cathy McMorris RodgersMember of Congress"



How stupid does she think I am?  What a crappy response...

I think I was very specific in my language in my origianal letter about how HR 2471 would affect us should the amendment they were about to vote on be passed.  Remember what it would have done;

The amendment to the resolution will grant warrantless access to Americans' electronic correspondence to over 22 federal agencies. Only a subpoena is required, not a search warrant signed by a judge based on probable cause.

The amendment to the resolution will permits state and local law enforcement to warrantlessly access Americans' correspondence stored on systems not offered "to the public," including university networks.

The amendment to the resolution will authorize any law enforcement agency to access accounts without a warrant -- or subsequent court review -- if they claim "emergency" situations exist.

The amendment to the resolution will now say providers "shall notify" law enforcement in advance of any plans to tell their customers that they've been the target of a warrant, order, or subpoena.

The amendment to the resolution will delay notification of customers whose accounts have been accessed from 3 days to "10 business days." This notification can be postponed by up to 360 days.

Did we see any response to the points in my letter back from the Congressmen? 


Did I expect a repsonse that would deal with my points.... maybe ... but I didn't have much faith that she would reponsd at all.

But this just goes to prove my point... our leaders are ignoring real truth.  They are ignoring the fact that we the "awakend" know that they are trying to pull stuff over on us all the time!  This is getting to an absure point.

They are ignoring our foundations.

They are ignoring fixing our debt.

They are ignoring fixing our moral degredation.

When will people wake up and realize that the only way that we can once again control our government will be to not let them lie to us?  When will we begin to use our power as the people to come together, and raise our voices to tell them that we will no longer tolorate their behavior!

America... take a look around each day and question what you see... when will you see through the "Razzle Dazzle" that they are trying to push past us?


As I write to you each day I find a gilmmer of hope before "The Event" reaches us there will be people who will finally open their minds... and mouths and say... "we have had enough"....

Take today for example.... Rick Santelli from CNBC finally let's a gues have it for tying to defend the spending and the Presidents actions on attempting to advoid dicussing the "fiscal cliff"

Santelli toward the end of the interview just finally looses it and walks off camera. 

But that is what we need more of!  We need more people looking at others and saying... I'm fed up and I'm not going to take it any more.... We have done this before in our country and we need to do it again...

Remember the Stamp Act...? Or did they take that out of your school texts books so we wouldn't learn about rebellion....

Do some research ... and think for yourselves!  Don't just blindly belive what ever they tell you! Don't let them "razzle dazzle" you!

Through your own free thoughts and faith in God you will be free!

Until next time...


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