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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Teach a Man to Fish or Give a Man a Fish?

I want you to think on a phrase for a moment;

“A Man / Women should be able to __________________”

So… what did you come up with?  How many of your answers involved a skill of some type?  How many answers were not skills based?

How about you?

Did you answer – change a tire? Make a loaf of bread? Grow a garden / farm? Skin a deer? Build something worthwhile from wood? Sew a shirt? Make a Dress?

I want to help you connect to something really important here. 

The reason not all your answers were skills based is because a large majority of people don’t have any necessary skills to survive.  They have never been taught to people!  We have lost the old ways.
What skills do you have? (no, nunchuck skills are not appropriate here, but thanks anyways Napoleon) 

Can you do any of those things mentioned above?

You see the problem we have is that we live in a “nanny state”.  This term nanny state is used to describe the modern society we live in.  A nanny is a person who cares for all of your needs so that you don’t have to do anything.  They cook, clean, wipe your butt and tuck you in at night. 

You don’t have to want for anything.

<--- Take a quick look at this commercial; 
Think to yourself for a moment, did Zooey really need to ask her phone … “Is that rain?” Why didn’t she go over to the window and look out?  Or open the door and take a deep breath to smell for the rain? 

Or how about the food thing?  Have you ever heard of a phone book? Or doing the research yourself?

Ok… that may just be a funny example of being lazy… but really? How many times do we rely on others to do things for us? 

Or rely on Technology to do things for us? When was the last time your manually balanced your check book or tried something for yourself without using YouTube to tell you how to do it first?

I want you to watch another video… this gentleman’s name is Dick Proenneke.   
I will officially refer to this guy as a official “bad a—“
This is how people should approach their worlds;

Could you do this?  If tomorrow, your creature comforts were taken away from you; power, water, light and food, could you make a go of it?  Could you survive?  Could you be as bad a— as he was?

Our lives are too convenient.  We don’t have to work for anything.  Everything is served up to us on a silver platter.  We don’t know how to do anything! 

But here is where it gets worse…

”Wait, wait Jay… it always gets worse… you always say that…”

Well folks… honestly, it kind of has to before you can see the truth.  We need to face our pain as a nation.  When we face our pain … healing comes.

So sit down and take your medicine.   

Our Government is responsible for the “Nanny State.” 

Think back to World War II.  Everything was rationed.   Sugar, meat, beans, flour, steel, cotton and even paper were all rationed out… sure I probably missed something, but you get the point.

Hardly anything was available.  People were shipping everything over for the war effort. 

People had to get creative with what they had, and use the skills their parents taught them while they were growing up.

They had to build things with their hands with stuff they found lying around…

But then things changed.  Technologies emerged that made our lives easier and more convenient.

But out of that war came Welfare (August 18th, 1935), TANF (July 1, 1997) HUD, SSI (1937), Medicare (July 30, 1965) and a whole host of other social support programs.

People got lazy.

Our Government just gave away the fish.  They never taught them to fish!  We just gave it away! 

The sluggards decided and still decide to make this “Nanny State” their permanent way of life.  There wasn’t any disadvantage to being on the program.  It was not a scarlet letter that you wanted to get rid of… you wanted more… and more and more.  In fact… the more kids you have… the better it gets… !

We, America have bred the future idiotocracy.

It disgusts me, and it should you as well.

Slothfulness is a sin. (Proverbs 21:25, Proverbs 26:14, Proverbs 18:9, and Proverbs 26:16)

Let me tell you a few things that I have heard in my banking career from people who make this a way of life….

“I slipped on some water at work… I filed a L&I claim and now I get 1600 from the state … that is only 200 less than I make each month anyways… I’ll just stay on L&I.”

“I’m clinically depressed, and my doctor wrote me a note that I need SSI because I can no longer function, so I spend most of my day at the casino all day and just play.”

And my favorite,

“I could work… but why… the state of Washington just directly deposits my unemployment check… and no one checks it out at all… so I just hang out all day and smoke weed.”

I swear I could have punched that last person.  

Our people can no longer fend for themselves! 

They now just take, and take and take to support themselves.  It is too easy for them to get on all programs and just live off of them.

And now with the recent changing of what defines “work” in the welfare statutes people can just live off the system more and more!

They can’t grow a garden!

They can’t sew their own clothes!

They can’t skin a deer!

They can’t build a shed!

They are capable of nothing.  If they can’t buy it at Walmart with their QWEST card, well then they can’t do it at all.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please grab “your fishing pole” and head to your nearest watering hole… find someone you can “teach to fish” and help end the reliance on entitlements!
We have to find a way to get skills back out to the people.  If we don’t the coming Event will be that much worse! Imagine when the money finally runs out… there will be mass civil unrest when people descend on the offices of the social security, and Depart of Social and Health Services. 

Then, when they don’t get any money… they will look elsewhere for their food and supplies… possibly your own!

If we can get rid of the “nanny state” now, we may get through “The Event” that much smoother! 

Until next time....


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