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Monday, July 16, 2012

So… that happened….

Corn is in everything… anything with “high fructose corn syrup” in it is going to go up in price… a lot.

But it is moments like this that make me wonder what this nation is going to do when things get really bad after “The Event”.

Take a look at this article

While the power was out back East… people couldn’t get their food stamps… better yet… they couldn’t get anything!  It was all sold out! But the worse part of all … is that Kids were affected. 

Kids should never have to suffer because adults fail to plan!

We live in a consumer driven nation, we want our fast internet, our Itunes, our Netflix, our Xbox, our Microwave dinners, our McDonalds, our “on demand” TV….and we live in the here-and-now.  It is a self gratification culture… and it’s shameful.    

We as Americans are not living for God, our families and tomorrow.  Like I said yesterday… we have idols that are taking the place of what is truly important.

Why should your family have to suffer?  Why should your kids have to suffer for your mistakes?  What if you were one of the people on the East coast?  What would you say to your kids when you don’t have anything to feed them?

I believe this;

God wants you to plan ahead… he wants you to make sure that you are providing for your family! 

It is biblical. 

I’ve said it again but Proverbs 22:3 is one of my favorite versus on this subject… I’m mean… who wants to be the fool that keeps going even when he sees trouble?

Let’s look at the Parable of the Ten Brides in Mathew 25:1-13.  Five of the brides didn’t plan ahead and have extra oil… and they suffered for it!  The other 5 planned ahead and where able to meet their bridegroom.

Or even further back in the Old Testament, the story of Joseph in Egypt… for 7 years they had “plenty”, so what did they do?  They stored up… they put away and they had food to eat when there was no food to be found anywhere when there was famine and drought on the land!

Are we seeing any coloration here? 

We now have the worst debt in the History of the world… the pissing match has certainly begun about it…

We now have a drought that had damaged the food crop beyondrepair that will drive the food prices up a strong amount.

Folks, “The Event” is much, much closer than we know… 

Let’s look ahead to the fall…. What is coming our way?

Think ahead to this … we have the Olympics coming and they are already saying that multiple terrorist organizations are working to get in there and cause mayhem… or are they?  Many reports are saying that there will be a false flag attack on the Olympics that will give Governments the right to take away freedoms.

We have the debt ceiling of 16.9 trillion dollars that we are going to butt up against … and yet… they still think we need more money…

We have record numbers of people signing up for welfare and it isn’t working… the numbers keep growing.

We are headed toward a man made Event that is going to be the worst catastrophe that anyone has ever seen…

You have to be ready!  You have to be ready spiritually, ready physically, and ready mentally.

Trust in God and give him your concerns… pray as it all depends on him, but work as it all depends upon you!

Until next time....


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