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Thursday, July 5, 2012

While you were sleeping….

Not only is it an "oldy" but goodie movie title but it is the truth as well…

Many, many things happen while we are asleep.. we travel in our dreams, enjoy lavish life styles, fly, be a superhero, or even become famous… but when we wake up … we have to remember they are just dreams.. not reality…. Not truth.

We as Americans love our dreams, in fact we try to make them reality more often than really looking at the world.  We want to escape, we want to be something, we want to not have to face the cold hard facts that are our world.  

We want to ignore that we are losing our freedoms rapidly and our current administration doesn’t care about our freedoms… they want dominance, subservience, and the complete control of our lives.  They don’t want us to know the truth.

Here is another real truth… one that is not a dream… and is very, very real.

Today, President Obama is working to open the door to the United Nations to regulate our firearms and our rights to them.  Yes that is right… he is trying to let a foreign body regulate our own bill of rights.

Our friends over at have posted an article today that the main stream media is certainly not covering.   You can read about it here.

In a nutshell the UN wants to pass something called the, “UnitedNations Arms Trade Treaty”.  The (ATT) is a treaty that seriously infringes on the 2nd Amendment, or ourrights to bear arms.  The Treaty requires that all firearms be registered, and regulated as they are traded. 

At first glance this bill looks like it will be a great way to protect lower income nations from other countries selling guns to warlords and rebels.  However, it presents a huge problem as if the United States agrees to be a part of the treaty, each one of us who buys, sells, or trades a weapon will have to register said firearm with the UN as well as our current Government just to make sure that we are not a warlord or rebel. 

There is nothing, in the bill of rights that says that other governments can regulate our rights to bear arms.   

Maybe that is why Obama feels the need to pull this off.

This is only one step closer to two things, complete control of the United States by the UN as a “governing body” or one world government, as well as the removal or confiscation of our firearms.

Now… Many people have speculated that if given the opportunity, our Government would gladly disarm our people, one of my favorite authors; James Wesley Rawles said in an interview earlier this year that it would be nearly impossible to disarm the American people. 

I agree with him. 

He states, “There are so many guns being produced each year – a couple of million guns each  year – it’s just mathematically impossible, if not socially impossible, to even envision the logistics of trying to disarm the American citizenry. It just can’t happen. There’s too many guns in circulation and they’re essentially the final guarantor of our freedom.”  If you like you can read more of the interview here.  

Here is how we can think about this in terms of the coming “Event”.  The global elite want the people to give up their guns, it will make it easier for them to continue to make policies that affect you and me.  They will control us through our food, money, homes, and famlies.  Their activities will contribute to the coming Event and its devastation on humanity.

I just don’t know when our President and his administration is ever going to get the point.  When you try and hid your sins from the people it is going to come out!     

Just stop already!

We all know that you’re a closet Marxist!  Your teachers in school talked about your activities, your social involvement during the early years show that you belonged to a group (the weather underground) that believed in communism and extreme violence.

But the here is the sad and exciting all in one fact.  If and when the one world government presents itself, it just means that it is closer to when Christ is coming back!

You have to speak up!  You cannot sleep anymore!  When you sleep you give up things, time with your loved ones, the ability to get things done, or even your rights and freedom!

The Congress has already sent their concerns to the President.. you should too… Call your Representatives today, email them! Tell them that the US has no business allowing other countries to run our Government and regulate our freedom!

Until next time…


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