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Monday, July 23, 2012

A tale of two Americas...

History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

I love this quote.

Can you imagine why?  Think about it for a moment?  Who are you?   Are you one of the good people?  Are you one of the bad people?
History is repeating it's self again.  

We are Rome in its last days.

We are Greece in its last days.

We are any dynasty that has come before and is winding down. 

Let me elaborate.... 

There are always contributing factors to the decline and fall of a civilization, but among the top of them is the chief factor of the sin of Hubris. 

Have you ever heard the saying, "All roads lead to Rome?".  Sure you have, but this was a form of hubris that Romas had.  They thought they were the best.  They thought that they could do no wrong.

They spent what they had.

They invaded other countries for the resources. 

They never figured that it would be their hubris that would lead them to make incredibly poor choices financially and ethically that would lead them into their "Event" that would collapse them. 

Sound familiar?

So todays title talks about a tale of the two Americas... Yes... their are two ... and no its not north and south.

I fully believe that we are witnessing the last days of America in its current form.  The division between the haves and the have-nots is growing at a rapid pace and is going to push us headlong into "The Event".

Take a look a the stock market today.  In just today alone the market has plunged since news of Spain's trouble reached us.  Now granted I know that isn't a big dip, but it could keep going. 

You see its the Hubris of money and greed that is causing us to tumble and fall.  I want to use an analogy to describe what this looks like.  Picture if you will a man who is carrying a very heavy burden on his back.  Imagine that this burden is the global economy. 

Now picture a man who has nothing but the clothes on his back.  Which one will be able to pick him self up easier when the he trips?

You see in this case... less is more.  Why do they carry so much weight?  Why do you personally carry so much weight?

Which would you rather have?  A gigantic weight on your back that when you trip and fall it will crush you under the load, or be "free" of the burden and be able to see the hazard in the road and lightly jump over it?

They built the financial system that is slowly crushing them one piece of bad news at time.  

But here is the worst part of it. (Yes, I love that phrase.)  

They saw it coming, and you saw it coming.  You knew that the burden on their backs was begining to crush them.  
When you saw it, what did you say?

Nothing!  You have remained quite and allowed this to happen.  

That has to change! 

America is beginning to fracture into two countries like ice on a newly frozen lake. 

The quote I have from Dr. King today is very, very applicable to todays culture because people are just idly standing by doing nothing! Saying Nothing! Living their lives like nothing is wrong. 

What will happen when "The Event" takes place and the country erodes into a economic collapse? 

Where will you side?  Where will they side?  

Will you side with the people who built this system that caused the problem?  

Or will you side with those who wish to rebuild a better America?

Which America will you belong to when it all collapses soon?

We have to start thinking ahead!  We have to beginning making some very, very hard choices about who speaks for us, and what they represent.  I read a very interesting article over at yesterday.  It was featured on John Jacob Schmitt web site too.

As a side note, if you haven't begun listening to JJS I would strongly recommend it.  

He is a good man, and a solid, God fearing Patriot and I have a immense amount of respect for him. His show airs Sunday night at 7 pm and re-airs at 9 pm pacific standard time. You can access it here

But as this article was saying, where is the line for "Revolution"?  When will enough be enough? 

That question was recently posed to me by a good friend and I have been trying to come up with an answer for him.  Its a tough to answer  What would cause Americans to finally say enough!

When will we become the "colonists" again?  They put up with things for years before they actually dug their heals in and took up arms. 

Am I saying take up arms? No.  Hopefully we will solve this with our words and the brains God gave us.  

Am I saying that we are close to something that will drive people to pick up arms?


Should you defend yourself?  Absolutely.  That is your second amendment right!  

Be Free!  Crave Liberty! Crave Justice!

Did that just make you shudder?  


Did you ever think that you would be a part of a Revolution?

Join us!  We can make a difference!

Neither did the citizens of Rome, Greece or any other major "Dynasty" that has come before. 

But it is the Hubris of the elite that has pushed us to this point.  It is their Hubris that will destroy the other America.

We need to have "our" America... 

One where we are free to live like God wants us too.  

One where we can live our lives according to the constitution and the bill of rights, with out their being any executive orders or NDAA that will supersede those rights. 

They day is coming that will bring "The Event".  It will be when the money runs out, the patience runs out and the elite cannot prop up any thing any further.  

You need to be ready ... like yesterday.

They will not warn you.

They will not help you.

You need to live with a fervency that you treat every day like "The Event" will be tomorrow.  

Plan ahead, get your hearts ready, get your families ready.

Be ready to help others. 

Until next time....


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