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Thursday, July 12, 2012


See this photo?

That is someone breaking the law… they broke into my car last night… looking for anything they could find… something…just something they could use to pawn to get their next high… they just need their next fix…

For a few brief moments, someone lived without the “Rule of Law”. 

Ladies and Gentlemen I have an announcement for you.

This is going to happen again. 

To you.

To me.

To everybody. 

What we are seeing is not just a random act of violence against me or you.  It is a sign of the times, A sign of the coming “Event”.   

There was nothing I could do to stop this from happening. 

It is someone who is so desperate to either get high or provide for their family has decided that since they didn’t prepare, and have nothing, will now take it from someone else.

No matter the cost.

We are seeing the quick erosion and rotting of the American  society from the inside.  

It will happen.  When “The Event” comes, people will riot, people will loot, and people will kill other people to get what they need. It is a proven fact.  People are violent and mostly un-trustworthy.

Look back through our history; even God’s own people did that to take Modern Day Israel.   
The Old Testament is full of stories of God’s army going out and killing the Philistines, or the Aramites, or any other funky sounding old “testimenty” style name.  Killing and looting our in our history, I’ll go as far as to say that it is on genes.

I want you to take a moment and think about this, if things are going to get worse… what should you do?

Take a look around your house, what do you see?  Is your home your castle?  Or is easy for someone to walk right in and take what they want… or what you have put away for your family to eat, to heal themselves with, to sleep on, or even hunt with?

Sure… many of you who read this blog have Bug-Out-Bags and things packed and ready should you have to get out of Dodge, Seattle, Spokane or Anchorage.  

Yes… I watch the stats… Thank you friends from the North for supporting “The Event”!

But seriously… what could you do to make your home more secure?  How about yourself? How about your family?

Here are some things that I would recommend that could help you;

Your mindset.

It first starts with a mindset. 

Sure your neighbors may be nice people, but keep them at arms length.  They don’t need to know what you have in the way of food, supplies or firepower.  People are naturally evil.  It is the sin nature.  People also naturally have big mouths too.  They love to gossip.   They love the latest scuttlebutt about who is doing what… wearing what… or saying what.

I want you to remember a term “OPSEC” or Operational Security -> it is a really fancy term for “keeping your pie hole shut!” Some would say do not share any of your “preps” or prep ideas, I would say, share them with only those you trust.  Family and incredibly close friends only. 

Sure you can speak about facts and waking people up, but never, I repeat never tell anyone what you have!

Evil is inherent.  It started in the Garden of Eden and has progressed down through history.  Sure some of you will email me with the age old debate about “inherently good vs. inherently evil”.  I’m going to shut you down before we even start.

God = Good

Man = Dumb, sinful and bad -> look at history. It started with the snake in the Garden.

Enough of that argument. 
I tell my kids this all the time, “Be aware of your space!”… We need to do the same, people like your space, and yes… stuff is just that stuff… you can’t eat a TV or the glass in your car window… but there are other things that people will take.  Be aware of who is walking in your neighborhood.

Do they belong there?  How about that car with someone in it?  Are they out of place?

If you see something… say something!  Don’t think of yourself as paranoid!  Be pro-active and protect what is yours!

Your Security Setup.

You have to look around your house -> how are you protecting your preps?  Do you have good locks?  A security system? Do you have a gun that you have quick access too?  What type of gun do you have? 

How about this?  Have you focused on reducing shrubbery that someone could hide in outside your windows?  What about your property?  How well do you know it?  Are their areas that people could hide in to ambush you?

Know your property… know your home.  Re-enforce doors! Put security wraps on your windows that prevent them from breaking. 

Your Other “Deterrents”

Lets take a moment to talk about guns. Yes… guns… this a hotly contested issue.  Some feel having an arsenal to outfit a country the size of Cuba is good.  Others just prefer a .22.  This is what I feel.  Have multiple handguns that are quickly accessed. A hunting rifle is good to have, a AR-15 style weapon that can duel as a hunting rifle is better. 

Gun Lockers are good, as long as you can get to them quickly.

There are other products out there such as hideaway clocks, books and other “hiding areas”.   

You can even make your own if you want too.

Learn how to shoot your gun!  Practice with it.  Learn how to quickly draw, and take the safety off and do what you need to do with it.

Final thoughts for today.

I’ve quoted it before but I truly feel that Proverbs 22:3 is truly a great rule to live by,

“A Prudent man sees danger and hides himself, but the simple keep going and suffer for it!”

Don’t be simple… don’t be foolish.  Prepare yourself for what is coming!  Some people will be kind when The Event comes, but a majority will not. 

Guard yourselves, guard your heart, and guard your families, because if W.R.O.L really happens, they will be all you have. 

Until next time...


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