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Thursday, July 26, 2012

No Pain .... No Gain?

We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disappointment.
Jim Rohn, Motivational Speaker

No one likes going through it… no matter what shape or form.  
Pain is Pain.  Some feel it deeper than others and some feel nothing at all because they are numb.
Today I had the “wonderful” opportunity to get my teeth cleaned.  Let’s just say due to budgetary cuts in my home, it has been a while since I have had it done.  I feel like someone took a baseball bat to my face. 
I am feeling pain and I don’t like it.
But this is temporary.
However, we have greater pain coming.
Over the past 20 or so posts I have been writing about the coming “Event” and what is leading us up to it. Today will be no different except that I want to break things down a bit to help you begin to prepare mentally for what is coming.
This morning I read the following articles;
The first was over at  The title of the article is, “Europe is sleepwalking towards imminent disaster, warns top economists.” 
And the last one I’ll throw at you; “Are we heading for a Global Food Crisis?”
Pretty daunting titles huh? 
But these headlines do one thing: Tell the truth.
Truth is painful. 
It takes the thing you have been hiding from or staying away from in that deep dark place and brings it out into the light. In the light it will be examined, dissected thrown in your face, and eventually destroyed or buried for the world to dig up later when you are dead and gone, and the process will begin again.
World leaders, the Media, the Government and "We the People" are playing the old game of “If I can’t see it … it’s not a problem!”  We are seeing the contributing factors for the “The Event” starting to come together and it is scary!

Remember, “The Event” is; a combination of economic, environmental, and political events.
Remember is a "perfect storm" of events that could and will collapse our monetary systems, our political system and destroy needed portions of our environment, including food.
People love to ignore or hide things, take for example me. 
Ignored the dental hygiene of my mouth… and because I did that … I am paying dearly today.   But I faced it and today I am sore… but it will go away, unlike our current storm of events ready to unfold.
Right now, the sins (and for this post, I use “sin” in a very general term) of those in charge are slowing coming to light and they are doing their best to cling to the dark places they reside to keep them away from the eyes of all of us. They don’t want to suffer the embarrassment.
Embarrassment is a powerful tool.  It can steer history, it can change a person. 
Last night I had the opportunity to watch embarrassment at work.  My son was singing in a Church production and at one point the entire choir of kids went silent and my son inadvertently blurted out the chorus of the song at the wrong time.
He was devastated.  My wife and I watched as he shrank back into the crowd and eventually slipped over side of the group and ran down the aisle to his mother and me crying.  My wife and I felt terrible for him.   His little tears streamed down his face, he was very, very upset.
 I asked him what was wrong. 
He responded to me by saying, “They all laughed at me!”  Now eventually we got him over it and he went back up stage to finish the performance and did a wonderful job.  No matter what he would have done, his mother and I would have been proud of him.
He toughed it out, and he overcame the embarrassment and rallied back.
But I feel that this situation is really a good analogy for what we are seeing in today’s world.  When times get tough people just run away and hide and cry when things get tough.  They don’t pick themselves up and try to fix the problem.   They blame others for their woes, and choose to sit in their own filth rather than try to fix their situation.
Civilizations have done this in the past.  We see the top 20 percent of the people who are doing 80 percent of the work eventually just give up.  Leave what they know and walk away, leaving the rest of the “heard” to expire or worse.
So… what happens when “The Event” actually takes place?  What will you do?  How will you react?
Are you preparing yourself mentally?  If you really think through it, it is going to be very, very tough.
Imagine one day waking up and being 100 years in the past.  Yes… being back in 1912.  No TV, no internet, limited fuel and most scary limited food.
Could you hack it?  Are you ready to hack it? Have you begun to prepare yourself and your family for the very real possibility of a complete food crisis?  What will you do for your kids, your spouse what about your Grandparents?
Are you mentally ready to see a mass extinction level event?  What would you tell your kids?  How will you tell them about the images they may or may not see on TV?  How would you tell them that the friends they play with may never be seen again, or died?
Yes, keep your family focused on Gods strength.   He will be your strength when the time comes.  
Now is the time to ready yourself!  Now is the time to prepare yourself for what is to come.  Now is the time to not turn the channel when the TV shows images of war, or of people who are worse off than you.
If you are looking for resources I would first recommend starting off with the following books and movies;
This is just a small section from my own personal library, but everyone of these books contains amazingly valuable information about how to prepare yourself mentally for “The Event”.
Please begin to get ready!
Until next time….


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