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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Your Lack of Planning…..

If it is one thing that I know… it’s the banking business.  But the thing I absolutely love is when someone decides that it is the banks fault that they are over drawn. 

So guess what we are talking about today…. Yup that’s right …

Personal Responsibility!

Well… more or less the lack of personal responsibility in this country and how it is a contributing factor to “The Event” that will in fact run our country into the ground.

Have you ever heard the phrase; “Your lack of planning does not constitute an emergency on my part?”

Well… millions of Americans obviously have not. 

You see the thing that I keep coming back to time, and time again is that these throngs of “sheeple” as I will refer to them as really aren’t paying attention to any of the signs that are coming. 

They are passing on their responsibilities of good personal choices and loyalty to their God and healthy choices for their families!

They are making really poor choices that are negatively affecting their relationship with God and their relationship with their families.

What they don’t understand is… when “The Event” takes place… all we will have is our families.  We have to stop the selfish behaviors!

I watched this interview last night between Glen beck and Jim Rogers.  As a quick aside for you; Jim Rogers is the head of his own investment firm and has been featured in the Washington Post, the New York Times.  

Jim delivered some very dire warnings in regards to what is coming financially.  Jim really knows his stuff and does a great job of relaying how historically we have continued to make really bad choices down through history.  It is a great clip.  Yes… it’s a bit long but worth your time.

But he isn’t the only one… check out this article today over at … it should send shivers up your spin about what is coming.

But here is where I want to draw my line in the sand today. 

Why is it the banks fault that things are going to crap?  Sure they made some incredibly selfish (there is that behavior again) choices, and they are only in it for the money and what it can control.

If you want to blame someone… look in the mirror!

We are all to blame for this mess!

We are the only ones who can fix it!  It has been our lack of planning that constitutes this emergency. 

We should have said something a long time! 

We should have risen up and said something!

I’m doing my part…I work in this industry and I am doing everything I can to warn people about what is coming.    

Slowing they are beginning to wake up … but it is not fast enough.

What are you doing?

Now it may be too late.

Let me tell you this; those of us who are awake to the mess that this nation is are currently feeling like we are fighting an uphill battle… and the rest of you are dragging us down!

“But Jay… how do I make a difference? I am just one person… I can’t make a difference!”

Bravo Sierra… I don’t believe that for a moment…!

You absolutely can make a difference… I’ve said it before. 

When our voices, our actions and our thoughts are combined into one accord… they are loud and they are UN-stoppable! 

I was reminded of this recently when I was talking with my Friend Halley and she was telling me how much she loved the movie, “ V for Vendetta”…

I can hear you know… “Really… that is typical…V for Vendetta? Did you really talk about his with her?”

We were talking about fun movies… so shut up and hear me out.

But this is what she said to me.  “I love V’s speech when he is talking on the television to people...It was so inspiring that something like the speech could be possible for that many people to come together.”

I agree with her.  The speech is inspiring. As it should be!  But that is what we all need to feel when we think about our country!  We need to remember those who sacrificed in the Revolution!  We fought hard for our independence!

They gave us the Constitution and the Bill of rights!

We don’t want to lose this nation to anyone or anything.

We know “The Event” is going to take place… we know that nothing can stop it.  The bad choices and the personal responsibility went out the window a long time ago!

However, we can possibly change the shape of what it will look like.  

It is time to prepare.

It is time to begin to look at the world around us and ask ourselves… what can I do without?  What can I improve?  How can I make sure that others know that “The Event” is coming and they need to prepare too!

But bigger than all of the prepping and the simple living… we need to come together…  We need to let our Senators, Congressmen and most of all, our President! 

Write them! 

Call them!

Join with other groups that feel the same way!

To help you with this process over the next couple of weeks I’ll be introducing some posts that have to do with helping you live simpler lives, be more prepared for emergencies, and most of all help to inspire you to be more active politically.

Please don’t let your emergency be someone else's problem.  Don’t be a victim and pass on your responsibility to do something that will help to shape the coming “Event”. 

We can get through this… we can survive.... But you have to make the Personally Responsible Choices to do so..

Until next time….


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